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Effective diets - Kremlin diet

The classic version of the protein "Kremlin" effective diet: a minimum of carbohydrates, a maximum of proteins. It gives a quick effect, but without hungry spasms and fainting. The disadvantage of this popular protein diet is that it requires the abandonment of many healthy foods, such as fruits and whole grains. High-protein "Kremlin" diet Who first started?

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Alexander Mironenko invites to the training of the team "LIVE!"

Let me remind you that on May 28, an ambitious Free Moscow race will take place, in which the team "LIVE!" Will take part. Let's get ready! I invite everyone on May 22 at 12.00 in Victory Park to train our team. Free Moscow is a 500-meter run barefoot on a sandy track. It is difficult to run along the sand because of the resistance of the environment, and besides, a foot can turn up from the habit.

Pines and enemas in "Kivach": detox in Russian

The non-secular clinic Kivach has long been a fashionable place among Moscow and extremely secular detox lovers. What have we, her clients, found among the pines of Karelia that which is not in the Baden-Baden spas and Abano mud baths? “Kivach” with a clinic and other popular detox centers is related first of all to the price: € 3 thousand.

Yoga practice: how to get the most out of it

Around the third year of my practice of yoga, I noticed that classes stopped bringing the same pleasure as at first. Having talked with familiar teachers, I came to the conclusion that this is a very common situation. But not hopeless! I share tricks that will help to preserve the freshness of impressions and make any yoga class as effective as possible.

Alfonso man: what you need to know about him

Relationship with this person resemble a bottomless well. You invest in them your emotions, money, time, without getting anything in return. Alphonse may be hiding under the guise of a sexual boor or the eternal "poor thing", but most importantly, for him you are just a means of satisfying needs. We will understand how to recognize the parasite and what to do with it.

Cosmetics second freshness

The British are still time to declare the most amazing nation in the world. Or at least the most unscrupulous. A new survey showed that most English ladies use expired cosmetics. However, this is exactly what our ladies do. The study was conducted by the well-known chain of stores in the UK Debenhams.

How Marina Korpan saw the New Year through the eyes of her child

I didn’t believe in Santa Claus since childhood. Anyway, the New Year - what happens at midnight on December 31 - never loved. Until I had a daughter. Count the days, hours, minutes, seconds, and times! - the holiday is over. And what's so beautiful about it? That is how I always thought. But when I became a mother, my attitude changed.

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Women's yoga: in which diseases it is effective

Yoga as an additional type of therapy is prescribed for many diagnoses. This also concerns diseases of the female reproductive system. How to build a practice in case of failures in its work, and in what cases will you have to refuse from classes? Women's health is largely associated with the work of the endocrine and nervous systems. Experiences and stress, overload in the office can negatively affect the hormonal system, and that, in turn, on the reproductive system.

Artificial respiration for dummies is canceled

Now we can save a person who has a heart failure, even if we disdain or do not know how to do artificial respiration. Immediately, two new studies have shown: only an indirect heart massage is enough. Artificial respiration is the oldest medical method of resuscitation with non-palpable pulse.

We relax the neck muscles with Alena Mordovina (PHOTO COMPLEX!)

A sedentary lifestyle and frequent stress leads to a constant tension in the muscles of the neck. To prevent this from becoming a cause of chronic headaches and many serious ailments, do exercises to relax your neck muscles. Feeling stress - straining, frightened or upset - we try to shrink, we pull our shoulders to our ears, squeezing the cervical vertebrae.

5 green salad dressing recipes

The end of spring is the time to cook green salads. To solve the problem of beriberi and lose a couple extra pounds by the summer. And in order to not chew green leaves, we offer you 5 original dressings from chefs, which can be supplemented with your favorite spices to your taste. Fresh juicy vegetables and green salads are good on their own, but a variety of dressings can give them extra flavor, emphasize the richness of the products or their delicate texture.

We celebrate the year of the Yellow Earthen Pig: dishes for the holiday table

Only celebrated the New Year and now it's time to meet him again. Now - according to the eastern calendar. We tell you what dishes should be on your table, so that the mistress of the coming year, Yellow Earth Pig, should be satisfied and bring prosperity and good luck to the house. New Year's Eve on the eastern calendar begins on February 5th, and its symbol will be the Yellow Earth Pig.

Meditation and cardio: why they need to be combined

Stress and depression - perhaps the main enemies of modern man. And it seems that scientists have found an effective means to combat them. I tell which one. The fact that training helps to fight with a bad mood has been known for a long time (we wrote about it here). However, exactly which classes and at which training schedule will be the most effective so far has been a mystery.

5 yoga asanas that burn maximum calories

Regular practice of yoga can make the body more flexible and slim. If this is exactly what motivates you to roll out the rug every time, I advise you to pay attention to the following yoga asanas. According to the load, they are comparable to functional exercises. These asanas are considered to be the most energy-intensive in yoga for no reason: their fixation will require quite a lot of effort from you, several muscle groups will be involved simultaneously.

Alena Mordovina on a fitness tour in Tunisia. Start

Miracles on turns and genuine amazement of our participant. The first lesson and the unexpected viewer. Already on the way to the airport, the adventures began: a taxi driver made an indelible impression on me - a true professional in his field! I had no idea that there are so many hidden paths and detours along the road to Domodedovo.

"Good food". Spinach and Ricotta

Ricotta is like boiled milk curd cheese, but in fact it is cheese: it has rennet enzymes, so it is better absorbed and generally more useful. The best friend and loyal companion of ricotta is spinach. Ricotta in appearance and taste is similar to cottage cheese. From boiled milk - my grandmother did this. But in fact, it is a completely different story: ricotta is extracted from whey left over from the production of mozzarella and other cheeses.

5 strength exercises for "survival" in the New Year holidays

The ten-day food orgy and passivity during the Christmas holidays is a serious stress for our body. Lying on the couch with the Olivier salad at hand, we risk turning from sexy fit-toads into tired, bloated caterpillars. Fortunately, you can control the situation in advance. This short, home workout will help keep your body in good shape on any given day.

Global Allergy or Falsification?

Italian allergists say that due to global warming, the number of allergies is growing. Trying to test this statement for strength, I learned about another, more serious threat to human health. While Russia is discussing the very existence and possible consequences of global warming, Italian immunologists are directly talking about its negative impact on health.

Evening yoga: how to build a practice

If everything is clear with morning practice, Surya Namaskar and any dynamic asana complexes will do - then evening yoga often raises questions. And for good reason: the program of employment directly depends on how soon you are going to sleep. Starting the evening practice, you need to understand what you are going to do after the evening workout.