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Pearl Wraps

The pearl powder procedure came from China, where the whiteness of the face and body was considered an indispensable condition of female beauty. Chinese women sought a delicate pearly skin tone with the help of masks, which included natural pearls. Nowadays, pearl wraps are practiced in many spas, and each offers a variety of programs.

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The less you know the better you sleep?

In search of a recipe for a long happy relationship, psychologists sometimes face paradoxes. For example: people who have been married for decades, know less about each other than newlyweds, and are more satisfied with their marriage. This paradoxical observation was made by psychologists from the University of Basel (Benjamin Scheibehenne) and (Jutta Mata) together with a professor of psychology (Peter Todd) from the University of Indiana.

The cooling practice of yoga (PHOTO)

Many yoga teachers advise to adjust their classes adjusted for the season. We offer you a complex of asanas, which will help cool the body and mind in the heat. What you need for summer yoga practice! Hot summer days are not the best time for intense physical activity, which is considered to be warming in yoga practice.

Why do you need a guru and how to find him?

Who is a yoga guru? Where to find it? And is he needed at all? I asked these questions to the yogis of the “ALIVE!” Club, and it turned out that their opinions differed greatly. Once upon a time I considered my guru a friend who used to start practicing yoga and being interested in Hinduism. I took all his stories at face value, until I met his guru.

Stanislav Rogachev: "Are you satisfied with your life?"

People are used to complaining about extraneous problems, not recognizing themselves as the main cause of their failures. It is always easier to think that you have nothing to do with it. After all, then you can do nothing. The life of any person depends on how he builds it. But most of us do not even try to understand it.

The night is tender: what will tell you about the relationship posture during sleep

To find out what the true relationship in your pair, it is enough to see what position during sleep each of the partners. So, pose together! British psychologist Corrin Sweet conducted an experiment in which she studied the postures of spouses during a night's sleep. As a result of the study, she came to the conclusion that, in the arms of Morpheus, married couples prefer five basic positions.

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Down and Out trouble started

Almost all of us are trying to start a new life with enviable regularity - to lose weight, get rid of the beer belly, shake shoulders, say goodbye to the aching pain in the lumbar region. However, without achieving quick success, we decide that this is not all about us. Here are some simple tips on how to overcome inertia and still embark on the path of self-improvement.

Alena Mordovina on how to find the perfect pair

In one of the books about the relationship between the sexes, I read: the perfect couple only arises if the partners meet each other’s basic needs. I want to share this theory with you. The topic of gender relations is extremely popular. One after another, there are books with titles like “Male and Female Energies”, “Physics of Relationships”, “Family Happiness”.

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga for beginners and professionals is a popular trend of classical yoga, on the basis of which most modern styles have evolved. The word "hatha" consists of two Sanskrit roots: "ha" - "sun", "tha" - "moon". In some dictionaries, “hatha” is translated as “full of power” or “powerful”.

Leonid Zaitsev: "What is worse - lack of intelligence or lack of love?"

Sadly, children always become hostages of the relationship between parents. Maybe someone will touch this sharp "always", but I am convinced that the way it is. I want to believe in the existence of love and loyalty long in life. But perhaps not all marriages are made in heaven, or heaven is powerless in the face of earthly problems — a good half of families experience a divorce.

Asanas for working with chakras from Alena Mordovina. Part 3

The trainer "LIVE!" Alyona Mordovina finishes a cycle of posts about asanas for working with chakras. In the final selection of exercises, she demonstrates how to become more intelligent with the help of yoga asanas, and shows an exercise that affects all the chakras at once. Develop ajna chakra. These asanas will help ensure that your mind always takes over emotions.

Pilates against fat. Starts and wins

Few people perceive Pilates as a way to beat off those extra pounds, because this is one of the most static forms of fitness. But actually it is possible. So, in the body there are two types of muscle fibers: red and white. The red ones are more durable, workhorses capable of performing their work for a long time without differing with great strength and speed of contraction.

How to choose a perfume on the sign of the zodiac

We have already chosen flavors by age, diet and season. It's time to find out what the stars advise. Natalia Tronion, training manager of the EISENBERG Paris company, tells how to choose a perfume according to the sign of the zodiac. In the photo: Natalia Tronion, training manager of EISENBERG Paris Element: fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius The fire signs of the zodiac prefer to choose scents that make you pay attention to yourself, select from the crowd.

Season of videos at the end: what now to do scooter?

A little more - and the season of commercials will end. How to practice a roller in the cold season in order to be in good shape by next spring? I rollerblading is not the first year. And for quite a long time without a winter break. As soon as the first autumn rain falls, I finish the outdoor season of the commercials and move to the rollerdrome rebuilt in the neighborhood.

Alexander Ogulov

Alexander Ogulov author of the method of visceral chiropractic does not have a higher medical education. But this does not prevent him from taking on the treatment of almost any disease and conduct seminars at medical faculties in European and American universities. As a child, Alexander Ogulov seriously engaged in martial arts and dreamed not about the profession of a doctor, but about a great sport.

Program "Flat belly for 4 weeks" // Diet for a flat stomach

If you follow our program from the very beginning, you have already figured out why your press is not perfect. And they started to strengthen it by doing physical exercises. It is time to connect a diet for a flat stomach! “I’ll note: in the struggle for a flat stomach, a diet is more important for a woman than for a man,” said Marina Studenikina, a nutritionist, deputy head physician of the “Weight Factor” clinic.

The practice of yoga, which pumps the muscles bark

If you want to make your stomach flat and your posture is royal, you do not have to pump the press for a long time and perform the hyperextension. The same goals can be achieved with the practice of yoga. We show which asanas will help to pump the muscles of the cortex. The muscles of the bark - muscles of the back, abdomen and chest - perform several functions.

Yoga weekend in the Moscow region: anti-stress and "Zen-theater"

At the end of March, on a yoga weekend in the Moscow region, Alexey Merkulov will tell you how to cope with stress and anxiety, and Yulia Zaichenkova will conduct a unique practice “Zen-theater”. Hurry up to reserve seats! Awakening spring nature, wellness practices and relaxing meditations, games, and even participation in a kind of theatrical performance ... The March yoga weekend in the Moscow region will be remembered by participants of the sessions with Julia Zaichenkova and Alexey Merkulov for a long time.