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Stanislav Rogachev on his first fitness tour to Europe

I practice Eastern practices, and therefore travel mainly to the East. Fitness tour to Italy was my first trip to Europe - and I was not disappointed! Our first watches in Europe turned out to be rich in surprises. Heading from Munich Airport to Italy, we managed to admire crowds of people in national costumes - they dressed up for the Oktoberfest beer festival.

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Alexey Vasilenko: "How I spent the winter"

Spring has finally arrived (even if only a calendar). It's time to spend the winter and talk about how busy I was in February. Again there were trips over medium and long distances. At first I flew to Ekaterinburg, took part in the convention “MIOFF-Ural” as a presenter. Some of those present were surprised that the master classes were held not by, as one might think, but by dance.

Star Fitness: Sarah Jessica Parker Workout

Some consider the “Sex and the City” star glaringly ugly, unfeminine and too thin, others admire its charm and elegance, but the fact remains: the 48-year-old actress has a great toned body. How to build the same? Training Sarah Jessica Parker Muscular, but not overwhelmed hands, excellent posture, “dry” slender legs - all this clearly speaks about Parker's main fitness-hobby: ballet.

Sex and vegetables

We vegetarians can talk for a long time about humanity, ecology and health, but I am sure that this is not what everyone really cares about. For me personally, for a long time, the question did not give rest: how does plant food affect your personal life? I became a vegetarian much earlier than I learned this word - I stupidly do not like meat since birth.

Sun Protection: Typical Mistakes

Soon it will be hot! The fact that the skin at this time must be protected from the sun, it seems to remind you no longer need. But it's worth talking about how to do it right. What mistakes do we make? Let's identify them together and try to correct this season. Error one: use funds only with SPF. If you do not see the SPF marking on the packaging of the cream, be aware that it will not provide you with full protection from the sun, as it blocks ultraviolet rays of type B (UFB), but peredluchami type A (UFA) is powerless .

Alexey Merkulov: what is a conscious pregnancy

One of the branches of kundalini yoga is the science of how to conceive, give birth and raise an independent and strong person. This was talked to me by Seva Kaur, the author of the course “Conscious Pregnancy”. The tradition of Kundalini yoga covers all aspects of human life - from birth to death, because the path to success in any field depends on how deeply we are aware of the natural essence of things.

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5 potted recipes that you will definitely like

Their taste is gentle, it is easy to cook them, and you don’t have to wash up a pile of dishes after them. You have several reasons to fall in love with dishes in pots. We have recipes that will help them cook. Perhaps every hostess at least once in my life tried to cook a dish in a pot. This is very tempting.

How to build a balanced menu

For those who want to lose weight, doctors often advise replacing diets with a balanced menu. But rarely explain what specifically to do this. We decided to correct this error: we tell how to build a diet that will improve your body shape and well-being, and most importantly, will not cause a desire to break loose.

Recipes for easy desserts from vegetables

Do you like sweets and can't stand vegetables? Such taste preferences are peculiar not only to children, but also to many adults. Instead of forcing yourself to gnaw a carrot or choke on beet salad, make light desserts from vegetables. Recipes such we took from the chefs. Our gastronomic ideas about which dishes to add certain ingredients to, are connected more with traditions than with the actual taste possibilities of these products.

Jivamukti yoga

"Singing Yoga", which has been practiced by the singer Sting for many years. Unlike Kundalini, the adepts of which also sing a lot, in Jivamukti, musical pauses are combined with performing asanas, including quite complex ones. The inventors of this practice, the couple David Life and Sharon Gannon, discovered yoga in the late 1970s.

Alpha lipoic acid

Vitamin-like substance involved in metabolism. It controls the level of glucose in the blood, affects the production of insulin, so it is used to treat diabetes. Recent studies have shown that alpha-lipoic acid (alpha-lipoic acid) is also a powerful antioxidant: it enhances the positive effect of vitamins C and E, and also protects these vitamins in the body and helps them suppress free radicals.

"Flexible power" in Sri Lanka. Continuation of the game

Opening time. People in green bandanas. Practice at the ocean. In the classroom “Flexible Strength”, which begins almost at dawn, we learn the capabilities of our body and make sure that they are much more than we thought. The morning is dedicated to, and the Korean Dhankhak health system. At the limit of possibilities, we do uddiyans and kriyas, build and study vinyasas.

What is a fitness allergy?

For most of us, the phrase “I'm allergic to fitness” sounds like a funny excuse. But for someone in such a diagnosis there is nothing funny. Fitness allergy does happen, and it is associated with an unusual reaction of the body to physical exertion. Approximately half a percent of the population (if you believe these scientists) may cause an allergic reaction - redness, rash, swelling, hives, nausea.

Yoga: a complex for elegant sex (PHOTOS)

It has long been known: sex is not only a pleasant thing, but also beneficial for women's health. Therefore, not thinking about its quality is like not thinking about what you eat and drink. One of the ways to improve your sex life is yoga. The complex "Breath of passion" will help a woman to achieve luxurious sex. In pursuit of achievements in sex there is nothing wrong with that.

Reviews "LIVE!": Humidifiers, cleaners and air washing

When the creams for hands, face and body began to decrease with amazing speed, the dog began to snort, and the hanging clothes dried out before my eyes, I realized: it’s time to get a humidifier. How to choose a cleaner or air wash? Read our rating and reviews! Medical fact: the level of relative humidity of air, useful to health, makes 50-60%, but in the winter in the apartment it is usually twice less.

How to pump astenik: training from Anna Starodubtsevoy (PHOTOS)

Elastic, rounded buttocks and relief muscles of the legs and arms - for girls astenikov all this often remains an unattainable fitness dream. Why and how to fix it? We are discussing with Anna Starodubtseva, the absolute champion of Arnold Classic in the category of fitness bikini. Asthenic body type has a low percentage of fat and muscle mass.

Bodyflex Lessons: Answers and Reviews

The largest number of questions on the forum of the club “Live!” Is caused by bodyflexing (watch online video here) and the program “Lose Weight with Marina Korpan” (online lessons here). We have collected for you the answers to the most frequently asked questions. What is bodyflex breathing exercises for weight loss? Bodyflex, is an effective breathing technique for losing weight.

How to get rid of excess weight on a magical diet

The so-called "magic diet" - one of the most popular. If you also want to quickly lose weight by this "miraculous" method, tell us how to do it. Magic diet refers to low-carb and is designed for a week. During this period, the weight loss should be at least 4-6 kg.