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Alena Mordovina about a flirtatious lady, Chelyabinsk camels and a hard share of judges

Alexey Vasilenko and I returned from Chelyabinsk, where we held master classes and participated in choosing the best fitness instructor in the Chelyabinsk region. In Chelyabinsk, we went to the VII International Fitness Forum. We landed already after midnight, but Alexey and I decided to walk around the city anyway. On Kirov Street, it is also called the local Arbat, we saw a lot of funny sculptures.

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Slimming Sweets

Napoleon cake, chocolate truffles, kurabie cookies, halva, cupcake - now I know how to make all these sweets as light and healthy as possible. The secret is in dough without flour and milky fruit fillings instead of rich cream. When I enjoy chocolate with nuts (yes, I know that in 100 g of such sweets is about 550 kcal), my conscience slumbers.

Top 5 Anti-Aging Skin Treatments

Carefully take care of the face, but it does not reach the hands, although their skin is aging rapidly. These five best anti-aging treatments will help you to return your hands to an attractive appearance. According to the cosmetologists, the hands often look ten, or even fifteen years older than the face. This is because in this part of the body there is little subcutaneous fat and sebaceous glands, which means that the recovery and hydration mechanisms do not work well.

What health problems can tell your hair

Everyone who wants to look good is very attentive to the state of their own hair. However, not everyone knows that it can tell a lot about our health. The next time you look in the mirror, pay attention to the following warning signs. Hair got a grayish shade According to experts, such they can make a strong stress.

Ice cream without guilt

With the coming summer heat, I found in Montreal a healthy alternative to bold popsicle and colored fruit ice - fresh frozen live yogurt. A minimum of calories, a maximum of fresh fruit and the ability to collect your own dessert. In the cafe frozen yogurt Yeh! along the walls are giant steel ice cream makers with handles for squeezing treats.

What determines a happy old age

We monitor health, save money, raise children and think that we are building our own happiness. Meanwhile, there is a completely scientific theory that happiness depends not on our affairs, but on our genes. There are two seemingly polar opinions on what determines our spiritual well-being in old age.

How to choose the most useful vegetable oil?

On a bottle of olive oil, which I brought from Italy, it says “Beauty will save the world. F. Dostoevsky. This is the main problem with vegetable oil: there are a lot of beautiful words on the label, which often cost nothing but advertising. Beauty # 1. Refined vegetable oil "Refined" is associated with something refined and refined high-class.

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Pilates exercises for great sex (PHOTOS)

From the point of view of physics, the guarantee of excellent sex is the mobility of the pelvis and spine, the tone of the muscles of the pelvic floor and the press, as well as general physical endurance. To achieve all this is easy with the help of pilates exercises. Which ones - show you today. Many of my friends, girls and women, having started to practice Pilates, soon noticed tangible changes in their intimate life: sex became brighter and more sensual, orgasm - more prolonged.

How to get rid of a mustache

Connoisseurs of bearded women are less common than lovers of bearded anecdotes, so you still need to get rid of facial hair. Telling how to do it. This summer, my girlfriend, relaxing in Turkey, signed up for eyebrow correction. "We will delete the mustache?" - They strictly specified it after the procedure. "I do not have them!

Five secrets of ski training. Part 2

These secrets, which we learned from instructors, skiers and physiologists, will help you get the most out of the benefits of ski training. Yesterday we learned how to breathe properly during ski workouts and how to move in order to pump your arms well. Today we will open three more secrets.

Visceral Chiropractic

This method, unlike other manual practices, came not from the East and not from the West, but was recreated from the Russian traditions of healing. For many centuries, our ancestors treated headaches, infertility and in general all diseases through the stomach. Hence, the second name of the method is “Old Slavonic massage”. Naturopath and manual therapist Alexander Ogulov developed this method based on the traditional Russian abdominal massage.

Take me: how sex helps sell cosmetics

Sex is one of the best-selling goods in the world and not only in the menu of erotic services. He has long been a part of the world of fashion and beauty. New make-up collections from Kim Kardashian and Rihanna confirm this. The makeup sticks were the first to remind the public of vibrators, and the names of the second ones attracted by their eroticism (which is worth only the Hot Wife little cream).


Scientists have long divided the fats into good and bad, and television shows about the everyday life of plastic surgeons only aggravated the general fat-phobia. Meanwhile, few people think about the value of fat. Even those that seem unnecessary to us. Fats (or lipids) along with proteins and carbohydrates are the main sources and keepers of energy.


Washing the gallbladder, bile ducts and liver. Contrary to popular misconception, this procedure does not get rid of stones. Worse, the idea to “clean the liver of slags” without consulting a doctor can turn into a disease and an urgent operation. In modern medicine, tubage is used to eliminate stagnation of bile and, consequently, the risk of stone formation.

Stiff diet for perfect fit (MENU!)

All spring you have been working hard on yourself, but you still need to throw off another 3-4 kilograms to perfect shape? Get rid of too much will help our rigid diet. In contrast to the express methods of losing weight, this rigid diet is designed for a month. This approach will reduce the weight smoothly and provide long-lasting results.

What fitness is contraindicated to you

It is believed that fitness helps from all diseases - and runny nose, and sore throat, and scoliosis. Being not enthusiastic about this idea, I undertook to find out when it is impossible to do fitness, when it is possible, and how. The decision to skip a class is especially painful for those who force themselves with great difficulty. This is me, for example, about myself.

Detox: Cleansing the body after the holidays

Downed diet is a common problem of long holidays. The result is poor health, heaviness in the stomach and complete paralysis of the will. We tell you how to pull yourself together, hold a weekly detox of the body and begin to eat right. “If you overeat for many days in a row, toxins accumulate in your body - harmful substances mainly from protein foods.

Technique of emotional release. Second level

I continue the story about the “technique of emotional liberation”, which helps not only to distract from unpleasant thoughts, but also to increase self-esteem and achieve success in various areas of activity. The previous post in my blog was devoted to a brief description of the “technique of emotional liberation” and its “technical” component: what and how to do in order to learn how to improve one’s energy balance.


Hippocrates saved Athens from an epidemic of plague, advising citizens to burn wood of aromatic varieties and inhale this smell. Today, treatment with incense and essential oils is one of the most popular services in the spa industry. This ancient direction of medicine originated in the 10th century BC. e. The term “aromatherapy” itself appeared only in the 20s of the last century thanks to the French chemist and perfumer Rene-Maurice Gattfoss.