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Conjunctivitis in children: symptoms and treatment

Sore, reddened, watery eyes bring the child a lot of suffering. But worse, they are a sign of a serious illness - conjunctivitis. We talk about the symptoms and treatment of conjunctivitis in children. My son's eyes reddened and inflamed quite often. But instead of going to an ophthalmologist, I tried to treat my child with folk remedies or drops, which they advised at the pharmacy.

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Alena Mordovina shows exercises for leg elasticity

If you want your leg muscles to be taut and elastic, this set of exercises should be performed 3-4 times a week. In one to three months of regular practice, you will achieve a visible result. All exercises should be done in isotonic mode, that is, to perform movements as slowly as possible, without disabling the work of the muscles in the extreme upper and lower points.

How to decide on cardinal changes in life

In the autumn, when nature changes dramatically, preparing for the cold, many of us also instinctively want to change something in life. Someone begins to think about changing jobs, someone - about parting with a partner, well, and someone is completely eager to move to another country. How to understand what is behind such impulses - a real need or a momentary whim?

Best baby cot: how to choose

To sleep a baby was healthy and serene, he must have the perfect bed. So her choice should be approached responsibly. We tell you what to look for in order to choose the best crib for the crumbs. Normal 0 false false false EN X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 When choosing a crib for the baby, do not rush to buy the one that you like externally.

How to choose the most useful rice?

Brown rice does not mean the best, and white may well be a dietary product. What happens to rice before it comes to us on the plates, and I learned from rice growers how to choose the most useful rice. How to choose rice: the age of rice Quality of rice is judged by age. In the young more vitamins, it is softer and more aromatic.

Svetlana Litvinova about the SDK festival

The trainer “ALIVE!” Svetlana Litvinova visited the SDK Europe festival in the Czech Republic. Together with her at the festival there were several of the world's best dance instructors in four disciplines: Locking, Popping, House and Hip-Hop. Looking at them, Svetlana stopped thinking about at what age dancing classes look ridiculous.

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The practice of yoga, which pumps the muscles bark

If you want to make your stomach flat and your posture is royal, you do not have to pump the press for a long time and perform the hyperextension. The same goals can be achieved with the practice of yoga. We show which asanas will help to pump the muscles of the cortex. The muscles of the bark - muscles of the back, abdomen and chest - perform several functions.

Is the bike dangerous to women's health?

Scientists at the Yale School of Medicine have found out: adjusting the bicycle, in which the steering wheel is lowered below the saddle, is unsafe for women's health, because it provokes too much pressure on the perineum. An additional risk factor is a narrow long-nosed saddle. In men - and this was previously proven by experts at Harvard Medical School - frequent cycling can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Black currant: the recipes of the best dishes from chefs

Each summer, black currant in Middle Russia ripens not just a lot, but a lot. The first berries are eaten fresh with pleasure, but what to do with it later? For those who are already tired of rubbing it with sugar and making jam, we offer several interesting recipes from chefs. Black currant is an incredibly useful berry.

"Dances for children"

The program “Dancing for Children” on the TV channel “LIVE!” Simultaneously responds to the children's desire to learn modern and cool dancing, and to the parental desire to improve the health of the child. Learning to dance like MTV characters can now be without leaving home. Leading the "Dance for Children" on the TV channel "LIVE!

Piloks: What you need to know to lose weight?

If your goal is to get rid of extra kilograms, there is no better solution than doing pilox - an active practice with elements of Pilates, kickboxing and boxing. However, if you carelessly refer to the technique of pilox, losing weight will remain a pipe dream. What should pay attention to lose weight faster, says the leader of the program "Piloks" Elena Soghomonyan.

Cardio training: the 10 most common mistakes

Cardio training is considered the best way to lose weight. But they do not always justify the hopes placed on them. Most often - because of the mistakes that we make ourselves. Why do these errors occur? Because not all sites and magazines from which we derive information, pay enough attention to the nuances of cardio.

Inna Vidgof yoga against varicose veins

Regular Hatha yoga classes are an excellent prevention of varicose veins. If spider veins and dilated veins have already appeared, with the help of yoga, you can slow down or stop the process of their formation. The main cause of varicose veins is poor circulation in the legs. Blood stasis leads to constant tension and deformation of the veins.

As the speed of aging depends on the shape of the face

We used to think that the rate of aging depends on the characteristics of our skin. Yes, and from them as well. But to a greater extent, the wilting process is associated with bone tissue. Tell us why. There are several morphotypes of aging, depending on the characteristics of the skin, muscles and subcutaneous fat. *"Tired".

5 most frequent stressful situations at work: how to cope with them

Light shakes are a normal part of any workflow. But what to do if, when you come to the office, you are constantly experiencing nervous overloads? How to be in stressful situations? Let's see. Stress is not always destructive to the body. “In some cases, it even enhances the body’s adaptive abilities, contributes to the development of a creative approach to solving any situations at work,” said Vadim Demchenko, business coach at CASE.

7 Christmas recipes with duck from around the world

For Christmas, so it has become a tradition, in many countries the bird is traditionally baked for a festive table. Last year we explained the subtleties of cooking a whole turkey or goose, and in this we will tell you how a duck is baked to the Christmas table in traditional cuisines around the world. Before you decide on a Christmas dish, think about whether you are ready to mess around with the bird or spend time on cooking, you wouldn’t particularly like to.

Learn to eat right: 10 rules of a slim body (part 2)

You gave up fast food, drink a lot of water and stopped indulging in buns, but it didn't make your body slimmer? To the five rules of the ideal body, which we wrote about last week, we must add a few more. Slim Body Rule # 6: Have a Breakfast If your goal is a slim body, skipping breakfast is at least stupid: it will provoke overeating at lunch or will push for a couple of snacks.

Tatyana Lisitskaya about how important it is to have healthy feet

If the heel on the shoe is more erased from the inside - this is a sign of pronation of the foot, from the outside - a sign of supination. Both need to be corrected so as not to harm the legs, the spine and have a beautiful gait. Observe passersby in a crowded place. A huge number of people do not put their feet straight when walking, but rely on the internal arch of the foot or on the outside.