5 cosmetic procedures that can be done during the lunch break

Lack of time is no longer an excuse for a neglected appearance! Go to a beauty salon during a typical lunch break. That's exactly what millions of women do all over the world: beauty lunches today is a fashion trend! We present 5 cosmetic procedures that are ideal for this.

Cosmetic procedure number 1: professional teeth cleaning

We go on treating teeth more or less regularly, but it seems an unaffordable luxury for many to come back to the dentist for professional cleaning, which is a pity to spend not only money but also time. Meanwhile, it should not be neglected. It is not always possible to completely “sweep” food debris from the mouth with a regular brush, a yellowish-gray patina forms on the enamel, which not only spoils the appearance of the teeth, but also serves as a nutrient medium for the pathogenic bacteria. If the plaque is not removed in time, it will harden and turn into tartar, which will be much more difficult to get rid of. That is why you should not bypass the office of a hygienist. Moreover, you can make a professional cleaning during any lunch break.

"General cleaning" of the oral cavity is carried out in two ways. The first, classic, involves the use of rapidly rotating mechanical brushes with special pastes. A more modern method is hardware: in this case, the teeth are cleaned with a mixed stream of water, air and soda particles. The smallest crystals polish the enamel surface, and the water washes them along with the bloom. Hardware cleaning is more comfortable, painless, and less time is required. Whichever method you choose, keep in mind that for some time after cleaning the gums may be more sensitive, therefore it is better to have a bite before visiting a doctor.

Cosmetic procedure No. 2: face massage

We all know that massage helps to keep the skin young and beautiful for many years. But few people find time for it. A good idea is to be like a massage during your lunch break. "Massage strengthens muscle tissue, improves its tone," says Olga Zakharova, dermatologist cosmetologist “Family Medicine Clinics”. - Due to this, the skin of the face is smoothed. Even acne decreases, as the mouths of the sebaceous ducts are easier to release from accumulated secretions. The skin gets a pleasant velvety moisture. After the massage, it absorbs better the cosmetics. ”

Massage of the face, neck and head also has a reflex effect on the general condition of the body: fatigue decreases, sleep improves, and efficiency increases.

Before the massage, free your neck from embarrassing clothes, unbutton the collar, the top buckle of the dress. Nothing should impede the free movement of blood and lymph during the procedure.

“Before the massage, try to relax the facial muscles as much as possible,” advises Olga Zakharova. - To do this, close your eyes, half open your mouth and slightly lower the lower jaw. In this position, the teeth do not touch, the tongue is at rest, and you can breathe freely with your mouth and nose. This contributes to the proper conduct of the massage. ” To achieve a lasting effect, you need to do 10-12 procedures.

Cosmetic procedure number 3: comprehensive skin care

Using the lunch break in this way is especially useful when you need to quickly get in shape. For example, if you have a date in the evening or there is another important event ahead and you want to look your best.

In the arsenal of a cosmetologist there are enough funds that literally in a matter of minutes make the skin fresher, brighter and more toned. Such care, as a rule, consists of cleansing, light peeling and a mask, whose composition depends on the needs of the skin.

“Professional care allows you to achieve an effect that is impossible to get at home,” says Olga Zakharova. - There are much more biologically active components in professional cosmetics. In addition, only a specialist can correctly determine what exactly the skin needs at the moment, and create an effective “menu” of care, if necessary, supplementing it with hardware techniques. Remove the puffiness, smooth fine wrinkles and make the deep folds less noticeable, albeit briefly, noticeably tighten the oval of the face - all this can be done by a cosmetologist. ” Instead of lunch, it makes sense to visit the cosmetology room after the holidays, if the sun and salty sea water made the skin dehydrated, pigmented and irritated. The doctor will make a rehabilitation program, which will quickly bring you in order. In this case, most likely, you will need to conduct a course of procedures.

Cosmetic procedure number 4: peeling

For professional chemical peels, it is recommended to allocate a special time, since almost all of them cause a strong reddening of the skin, which can last for several hours.

“An alternative to them may be mechanical peels using abrasive components,” says Natalia Imaeva, cosmetologist, head of the clinic “Lantan”. - One of such procedures is aquadermagenesis, which combines the method of microdermabrasion and the subsequent introduction of moisturizing and skin-soothing ingredients. As a result, after only a few minutes, the skin takes on a normal appearance, looks brighter and fresher. ” Aquadermagenesis is the ideal form of peeling for beauty lunch. When you return to the office, no one will guess what you did during lunch.

Cosmetic procedure number 5: correction and color eyebrows

Another beauty procedure for which we always do not have enough time. And instead of turning to a specialist, we hastily pluck the eyebrows ourselves, often turning them into a thin thread. But the correct design of the eyebrows is very important! It depends on them the harmony of facial features and the oval as a whole. So why not to entrust this important matter to a professional? Moreover, now there are many salons that specialize in this procedure. The specialist will give your eyebrows the shape that best suits your face type, while painlessly removing excess hair with tweezers and wax.

The procedure also includes coloring eyebrows and eyelashes. The master can choose the color that is ideal for your color type, while mixing several shades. In addition, in many centers, experts give advice on eyebrow makeup and help to choose cosmetics: pencils, gels, eye shadows or eyebrow powder.

Donate a lunch break for personal care, and be beautiful and well-groomed!

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