"Good food". Scallop: stews, salad and carpaccio

Scallops are a wonderful product. Easily digestible protein, the mass of valuable trace elements, no waste, is prepared very quickly, and the result is simply magical.

My function does not include advertising one or another product, but I really don’t see any flaws with scallops. Except, perhaps, the price - and that can be considered fair. The same is, for example, smoked sausage, which, perhaps, would be worth selling with a mandatory warning of the Ministry of Health. Even deep freezing with scallops is not particularly harmful - because there is almost no fat, solid protein in them.

This is probably the most accessible of the mollusks, it is found in almost all seas, it is successfully grown in nets, which, in my opinion, removes the issue of environmental damage. Suppose in the Orthodox post (equated to acridas), although it is forbidden by kashrut (no scales). And I also know people - they probably cannot be called vegans, but nevertheless they do not eat cheese, meat, or even fish, but sometimes allow themselves to eat scallops: "But because they have no eyes." No eyes, no legs, no head, nothing anthropomorphic - purely a piece of edible flesh. Even served on the sink, as on a plate. The most, in general, natural and enjoyable food for humans. The French, Italians, Vietnamese, Japanese, Koreans absorb them in huge quantities, and what we treat them as some kind of strange exoticism is just a paradox, despite the fact that we perceive squid meat as commonplace.

showed three simple and effective dishes with scallops. My favorite is the stew. Warm, fragrant, moderately satisfying and moderately light, extremely harmonious, perfectly balanced, unsophisticated and at the same time festive. And preparing some minutes. The salad is beautiful too; and again this combination of bland and bland: scallops, mushrooms, potatoes, avocado is a subtle game on the difference of textures and shades of taste. As for carpaccio, they say about such food: “it goes straight to the blood”.

Scallop Carpaccio

For 1 portion:

Scallops - 200 g

Olive oil - 20 ml

Marinated Ginger - 15 g

Thyme - 1 sprig

- Cut raw scallops into thin plates.

- Pour sea salt, pepper on a plate, pour in a little bit of olive oil, a little ginger juice and smear everything on the plate.

- Spread scallop. Sprinkle with salt and pepper on top, put some pickled ginger and pour over olive oil. For flavor, you can add a few leaves of thyme or very thinly sliced ​​lemon zest.

Ragout with scallops

For 2 servings:

Scallops - 150 g

Potatoes - 200 g

Tomatoes - 300 g

Oyster mushrooms - 100 g

Thyme - 2-3 sprigs

Olive oil - 50 ml

Balsamic Sauce - 10 g

- Potatoes, cut into small pieces, lay in a double boiler for 15 minutes.

- Cut the tomatoes with a cross and put them in hot water for 30 seconds, close the lid, then transfer them to cold water and remove the skin from the tomatoes.

- We cut each tomato into four parts, cut out the middle part and put the flesh on a napkin to dry.

- Oyster mushrooms tear hands on thin strips in the direction of the plates. So they look much better than sliced ​​with a knife.

- Scallops large cut.

- Pour some olive oil into the pan, add salt, pepper and fry scallops on high heat.

- Fall asleep in a pan of oyster mushrooms, continue to fry, stirring.

- Then put boiled potatoes, coarsely chopped tomatoes, greens (ideally thyme leaves), add some salt. You can add a little balsamic sauce and at the very end - olive oil. Put the stew on a plate, add a little more thyme, pepper it.

Scallops Salad

For 1 portion:

Scallops - 100 g

Tomatoes - 100 g

Avocado - 1/2 pcs.

Champignons - 70 g

Arugula - 15 g

Olive oil - 1.5 tbsp. l

Balsamic vinegar - a few drops

- Cook in a double boiler scallops and mushrooms 5 minutes.

- Avocado cut in half and get a bone. Half an avocado clean, removing the skin, and cut into small cubes.

- Cut into large pieces of tomato flesh (cooked for stews, it is called Kankas).

- Mix in a bowl avocados, tomatoes, add a little arugula, season with olive oil, salt, pepper and add a little balsamic vinegar.

- We cut the scallops cooked in a double boiler in half, add to the salad and mix everything.

- Put boiled champignons on the plate, cut into small pieces, spread salad on top.

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