Sleep disorder, which is expressed in the impossibility of falling asleep, in frequent or early awakenings.

Causes of insomnia mass, the most common - stress. However, this is not a reason to brush off the problem, they say, it will pass by itself, because, as you know, every sleepless night requires recovery in the next two. Otherwise, not only psychological but also somatic disorders will begin. And then everything will end either with an ordinary (possibly prolonged) depression, or with a weakened immune system and, as a result, with endless bulletins in the autumn-winter period.

Sleep can upset the medications you are taking. With heart disease, high blood pressure, short-term respiratory arrest (sleep apnea) in a dream, you are unlikely to be able to sleep soundly and have a good sleep. If you do not suffer from insomnia, but suffer from chronic fatigue, this may be due to thyroid disease or inflammatory processes.

In short, whatever the reasons, it is sometimes harder to fight insomnia than with chronic sleep deprivation. For example, in America, almost half of people with sleep disorders combine hypnotic with alcohol. And this is not only a double blow to the liver and kidneys - such a dream is not able to refresh the body and quickly leads to alcoholism with all the sad consequences.

Start the fight for a normal daily routine gradually and do not grab the pills. First, eliminate the cause: complete the illness, try to cope with depression or stress. Then do some sports, sign up for breathing or relaxing practice. Contact the doctor at the very least, if nothing else helps to establish a healthy sleep. Take the prescribed sleeping pill only according to the schedule compiled by a neurologist, and better - a somnologist. And in any case, do not experiment with drugs that are sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Rather, a warm bath, a glass of warm milk with honey and silence in the apartment will help than means with a large number of contraindications and side effects.

Watch the video: Doctor, I Have Insomnia. What Can I Do? - Alon Avidan, MD. UCLA Health Sleep Center (February 2020).