Massage instead of antigrippina and antiozverin

Fresh scientifically proven fact: some types of massage strengthen the immune system and relieve anxiety, others - significantly improve the attitude to others. Choose what you need right now.

Many of my friends (and I myself) go to massage therapists for the same reasons many visit a psychologist: after, and especially or Shiatsu, you feel that the workers and personal troubles dissipated in the fragrant twilight of the spa.

Scientists are not convinced by the positive experience of Natasha Inshakova and other individual spa maniacs. They are convinced only by objective facts, and rightly so. Attempts to scientifically prove the benefits of body and mind practitioners are constantly being made. And now, confirming the beneficial effect of yoga on mood and general well-being.

A group of scientists from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles conducted the following experiment. They scored a group of 53 people with well-being, and most importantly, mental state. 29 of them went to a Swedish massage, and the remaining 24 went to a light relaxing massage. All subjects were given blood tests before the session, immediately after it and an hour later.

It turned out that after a Swedish massage (a rather intensive, slightly painful practice), the blood levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, significantly decreased, and the production of lymphocytes, an important element of the immune system, increased. Those who were given a relaxing massage had a powerful release of the hormone oxytocin, which according to some sources is responsible for positive mood and attitude towards others. And the level of adrenocorticotropic hormone - an indicator of anxiety and excitement, on the contrary, has decreased. “The results amazed me,” says Dr. Mark Rapaport, who led the research team. - It will be interesting to check the effect of other massage practices, and the study should be long-term. I am a skeptic - and still can’t fully believe this discovery. ”

To me, the results of the experiment seem very logical. Anyone who has ever had an anti-cellulite massage session knows that stress instantly goes away and you feel better. And after relaxing practices really want to hug the whole world. Interestingly, further experiments will show Dr. Rapaport. For example, is it possible to scientifically explain the fact that during the time after three hours of torment on the massage table, at first you have a keen desire to kill all people, especially a massage therapist.