Fitness at home: exercises for the hands (PHOTOS)

Triceps is a problem area for many women. Here fatty deposits often accumulate. I collected the most effective exercises for the hands, which will help to achieve a beautiful muscular relief at home.

Embossed hands are the dream of not only all men, but also many women. In the area of ​​the triceps a large amount of fat accumulates, and the shoulders (namely, the so-called upper arm to the elbow) take on a flabby appearance. But you shouldn’t give up in this case: special exercises for hands help to correct the situation.

So that you have no doubt that not only men can boast with relief hands, I invited to show the exercises for the hands of Irina Venskaya - personal trainer, fitness model, dancer and debutant of the Moscow bodybuilding and fitness championship, in which I also participated. Now Irina can also perform more difficult exercises for the hands, but she began precisely with those that we offer you.

We will clarify our task. In addition to strengthening the muscles, we need to "dry" the area of ​​the triceps - and then the relief will be visible. Exercises for hands of the initial level suggest a long load with repeated repetitions - 25-30 times. Accordingly, the weight of the dumbbells, the bottles or the resistance level of the expander tape must be such that you can perform this number of repetitions.

It is this regime that helps not only to strengthen muscles, but also to burn body fat. Working with a weight that you can lift only 10-15 times per approach is an explosive load, which at the initial stage will be less effective. So, choose an expander with weak resistance or free weights for half a kilogram - if you do fitness at home, it can be water bottles or thick books - and do exercises for hands in 25-30 reps. When you realize that you are free to perform 35 repetitions and do not feel the effect, you can increase the weight.

Hand Exercises: Beginner Level

1. Arm extension in the slope

Zone: triceps.

How to perform: stand up straight, put your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees slightly and move the pelvis backward, tilting the body slightly forward. Keep your back straight. Bend your arms and lift them back, strongly moving the shoulder blades and fixing the position of the elbows. Do straightening your arms with a burden or with an expander. Make sure your elbows do not move and your back remains level. After 25-30 repetitions, lock your hands in the upper position for 15-20 seconds.

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