Training in the hall for men: a complex for beginners (PHOTOS)

Fitness educational program for beginners who are still lost in the variety of power simulators of the gym. How to start the first training session, what to pay attention to and what you shouldn’t do - tell and show our experts.

There are two theories about how to introduce a “neophyte” into the training process. “One of them claims that if a person first came to the gym, his muscles and joints are not ready for exertion,” says Ekaterina Soboleva, fitness director of the sports club Zupre. “It is especially important for him to perform all the exercises along a strictly verified path - this is the opportunity given by simulators.” The opposite concept says that a beginner needs to be taught basic movements with free weights, then in the future his intermuscular coordination and adaptation in the gym will take place better and faster. Both techniques are equivalent. There is no scientific research on the benefits of this or that.

“I believe that it all depends on the person - his preferences, age, health and goals,” said Ekaterina Soboleva. - I would advise older people to start with simulators. They strictly set the trajectory of movement and, as a rule, fix the position of the back on a hard surface. Simulators also work well in rehabilitation and rehabilitation programs and complexes for pregnant women. In this case, the exercises require a minimum of concentration and simply perform them. Shaking legs, it is easy to squeeze the platform in the simulator, because you are making a one-joint motion. And try, crouching with a barbell, and control the pelvis, and hold your back, and drop to the floor to a certain angle in the knee. One is good to solve simple tasks. Others are complex. This is the difference of approaches. ”

For beginners, it is important to remember that starting training is not carried out to failure. At least in the first week of the "simulator" you need to go out, as from the table, with a slight feeling of "hunger". After all, even after exercise, which seems to be quite light, the next day, pain can literally contract muscles. Reloaded to failure can not be, after a long break in fitness.

The basic set of exercises that we will show today will allow working through all muscle groups. Follow the first two weeks, and preferably the entire first month of classes. Your task now is not to set records, but gently enter into the training process.

"The first few workouts of the exercise for biceps-triceps do not need: they are used in the basic traction, and if you work them out further, it can lead to overtraining," says Alexander Krutousov, the personal trainer of the Zupre sports club. - The next day, the hands just fall off. Add them in the second week of classes. ”

General rules for each exercise, the first workout for beginners

* Any training program, for beginners and professionals, should start with a warm-up. This may be charging options, running or working on a stationary bike. The task is how to warm up the muscles, prepare them for the upcoming loads. Warm up time 5-7 minutes.

* At the adaptation stage, perform each exercise in 2 sets, 10-15 repetitions in each.

* Rest between sets for 2-3 minutes.

* Pick weight so that after 10-15 repetitions you still have strength. This is very important for the first week of classes.

* Breathe correctly. When the moving phase (weight lift) is in progress, breathe out, in the inferior phase (when the weight goes down) - inhale.

* End each workout with a hitch.

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