How to start again after a breakdown

“Eating only a couple of cakes”, “one time I cancel a training session” - these small indulgences look innocent, but in the end often turn into a breakdown and nullify all the efforts of previous weeks. Read about how to quickly rehabilitate after the breakdown and continue the path to the goal.

There may be a million reasons for a breakdown, but they all, in fact, boil down to one. “We eat forbidden foods because we are hungry and we stop training because we are lazy,” says Paul Brown, chief nutritionist at Slidell Clinic (USA). - Naturally, “hunger” and “laziness” can be very different. Here are some common motives for eating chocolates during a diet: your blood sugar level has fallen, you are undernourished, you want to calm down, you want to seize melancholy, you feel like chewing, you cannot refuse dessert for a company. Yes, all this is hunger, but completely different. It is very important to understand your own motives. ” It is worth each time carefully writing down the reasons for your failures - this will help to significantly reduce their number. And in order to quickly return to the system, use simple psychological techniques.

Do not distort. Tell me, have you ever canceled a date because you were ten minutes late? Or maybe they decided not to go to work at all, having overslept the extra half hour? Got to learn a foreign language, making a couple of mistakes in the text? Surprisingly, we show the most desperate maximalism with regard to diet and fitness. Think about the fact that in other areas of life you are much more flexible and adequate. And eating cookies (even two!) Is not a reason to break out. “All or nothing” is a completely inappropriate motto in your case!

Look for replacements. If you fail, try to do something about it on the same day. For example, having canceled a workout, go for a walk, even if only for half an hour. You will be left with the impression that you have all the same spent your evening together and spent some time at work. Yes, it does not replace training your body, but the sense of guilt will decrease - and in fact it often exacerbates the breakdown.

Allow yourself to "bad days." Rather, do not punish yourself for them. Yes, yes, those most monstrous days, when everything is rolling down the slope since morning: you quarreled with a friend, were late for work, ate a comforting chocolate bar, then a pizza, then a burger ... And in the evening instead of training, we wrapped in a blanket and sobbed sweetly ice cream boxes. Remember: even such a terrible day will not destroy your result, it will not lead to a global rollback. Treat your failure philosophically and do not forget that you can stop at any time. Yes, after the pizza.

Stay in the game. Even during the most desperate breakdowns, try to keep at least one healthy habit. If you ate all day banned fast food, still go in the evening to the planned Pilates. Did you skip a run and lain all day on the couch? Make your own detox tea and make a healthy dinner. If you are aiming for a long-term result, learn to find compromises with yourself.

Help yourself. If you are off the diet and continue in the same vein for almost a week, arrange yourself a fasting day, for example, on the Sybarite Cocktail. This will help break the vicious cycle and normalize blood sugar levels. But keep in mind that the rule does not apply to fitness: it’s categorically impossible to cheat for several days, and then go and be killed in the gym!

Analyze. You difficult, hungry and lazy, and failures follow one after the other? Do not rush to blame yourself for weakness: most likely, you just chose a completely unsuitable way of life for you personally. There are hundreds of diets and types of fitness: choose those that will be combined with your work, habits and family life. You can change the program at any time!

Be a hedonist. You must admit that we are breaking down because we want to make our life a little nicer and more comfortable, even if not for long. And in fact, we experience a monstrous sense of remorse and fall into a slight depression. Try to make every disruption a holiday! Want banned dishes? Book a table in your favorite cafe, call your friends and find really tasty food. Then go shopping, and in the evening arrange your own home spa. Tell yourself that today you have a vacation, a day of rest, and tomorrow everything will fall into place again. Just do not abuse such days.

Remember the goals. If, after a breakdown, you want to quit, think about your fitness motivation. Imagine yourself slim (flexible, pumped up) and gorgeous. Think about the fact that you can look at your photos with pleasure and wear beautiful clothes, you will feel great. Abandon all of this because of a piece of cake or a missed workout? Nonsense!

Spare yourself. In no case do not seek compensation. If you ate a cake, it does not mean that you need to skip dinner. Having canceled a workout, do not assign three new ones. All this will put you in even greater stress and lead to new setbacks. Remember that after a breakdown, you just need to return to your program, not trying to make it killer.

Be indulgent. Guilt - the main reason to abandon their intentions. Forgive yourself and remember: you are superman. Or superumen. You will succeed.