5 best means against spider veins

For anyone suffering with rosacea, winter is a difficult time. From frost, temperature changes, the wind penetrating the skin "blooms". We talk about the best means of care that will make the spider veins on the face less noticeable.

The appearance of spider veins on the face is associated with the pathological condition of the vessels, a violation of the elasticity of their walls. As a result, during expansion, the vessels cannot return to their original state and are clearly visible on the skin surface, - says Maria Koldashova, cosmetologist-dermatologist at the clinic of aesthetic medicine Premium Aesthetics. - This condition is called kuperozy. The main reason for the appearance of spider veins on the face is a genetic predisposition. If your immediate family has experienced a violation of the elasticity of the vessel walls, then you may have inherited this feature from them. Kuperoz may also be a manifestation of such a systemic disease as rosacea. It requires treatment from a dermatologist. "

Skin of any type can suffer from rosacea, but especially sensitive skin. The chances of getting sick with "star disease" are higher for those who smoke, take hormonal contraceptives, love baths, and also have traumatic cosmetic procedures. During the cold season, couperosis can worsen, especially in women with sensitive skin. The skin reacts to external influence by redness, inflammation and itching. At first, redness is temporary, but then becomes permanent. Weak walls of blood vessels at the exit to frost do not withstand temperature differences and crack. On the cheeks, chin, wings of the nose appear those same vascular stars. I must say that couperosis is not only an aesthetic problem. In the affected areas, blood circulation is impaired, the skin does not receive nutrients and oxygen. Sooner or later, it will affect its appearance and health. The skin will become dull, atonic, lifeless.

β€œIn case of rosacea, an integrated approach is important - professional procedures and competent home care,” says Maria Koldashova. - One of the most effective aesthetic techniques - phototherapy. The essence of this method is in soldering the dilated vessels, as a result of which they become less noticeable. And since the vessels can form healthy branches, new capillaries will soon appear in this area, which will deliver nutrients and oxygen to the skin. Mesotherapy can be connected to phototherapy β€” injections with vitamin preparations that can improve the condition of the vascular walls. ”

Fully get rid of rosacea, unfortunately, it is impossible even with the help of modern aesthetic techniques. But by organizing the right skin care, you can make this aesthetic problem less pronounced.

First of all, remove from the dressing table all cosmetics, which include honey, alcohol, menthol, mint, eucalyptus and clove oil. These components are contraindicated for skin with dilated vessels. Means with fruit acids are also harmful - they thin the already fragile epidermis.

To care for skin with spider veins, choose cosmetics that strengthen the walls of capillaries and relieve inflammation. These are products with isoflavones: genistein (zhenistein) and ginkgo biloba extract. These substances reduce blood flow and strengthen the vascular walls. Well, if the composition of the cosmetics will include 18-beta-glycyrrhetinic acid, rutin, ambofenol, as well as horse chestnut extracts and eyelets. They effectively eliminate skin hyper-reactivity and relieve redness. "Choose lines for sensitive skin - they do not contain acids, - says Maria Koldashova. - For skin cleansing, use gammage or enzyme peels. Be sure to use SPF products even in winter. For a city, 25-30 is enough, on a bright sunny day outside the city, use tools with a marker 50 ".

* Witch hazel extract. In cosmetology used extract of leaves and flowers of witch hazel. This plant is rich in sugars, phenols and organic acids that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. The flavonoids in the composition of witch hazel provide a powerful vessel-strengthening effect: they contribute to the restoration of the walls of large vessels and the smallest capillaries, as well as reduce the permeability of blood vessels. Despite the high activity of the extract, allergy to witch hazel is extremely rare, so it can be used to care even for sensitive skin.

* Rutin. Refers to the group of flavonoids. It has the ability to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and regulate capillary permeability. In cosmetics, it is most often found together with vitamin C, the effect of which increases. Rutin is quite capricious, he quickly loses its beneficial properties when in contact with light, air and water. Skin care products with a routine, store in a dark, cool place. When buying such a cream, look what else is in the composition. The presence of sodium-containing sodium salts (sulfite, metabisulfite, thiosulfate) is a guarantee of the effectiveness and stability of the agent containing rutin.

* Horse chestnut. Contains a whole range of substances that beneficially affect the skin prone to rosacea. 20% of chestnut nut extract is an escin complex. It has a powerful vascular strengthening and anti-inflammatory effect - reduces the permeability of the vascular wall and reduces the activity of enzymes that destroy the proteins of the capillary walls. In addition to escin, there are flavonoids in the horse chestnut fruit (quercetin, isoquercetin, rutin), and vitamin K, which also strengthen blood vessels and relieve inflammation. Horse chestnut is considered a pharmacological drug, which is successfully used to treat varicose veins. In order for the agent with horse chestnut extract to be as effective as possible, the concentration of this substance should be about 2%.

* Ambofenol. This substance is obtained from the extract of a medicinal plant of the family of monimine. Ambofenol has been proven to halve the production of peptides that affect vascular tone, and reduce the permeability of the vascular walls. Cosmetic products with a sufficient concentration of ambophenol with regular use significantly reduce the frequency and intensity of redness, reduce visible vascular changes, and can also be an excellent method of prevention.

* Eyebright. The medicinal plant is rich in glycosides - substances that are able to effectively strengthen blood vessels and fight inflammation. In addition, in the eyebright extract there are flavonoids, including rutin, which activate blood circulation in the smallest vessels, due to which the redness, swelling and inflammations quickly disappear. When choosing a cream with eyebright extract, check the concentrations of this ingredient. It should be about 2%.

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