Down and Out trouble started

Almost all of us are trying to start a new life with enviable regularity - to lose weight, get rid of the "beer" belly, shake shoulders, say goodbye to the aching pain in the lumbar region. However, without achieving quick success, we decide that this is not all about us. Here are some simple tips on how to overcome inertia and still embark on the path of self-improvement.

- Do not think and do not say bad things about yourself. Try not to think in terms of “I look bad, I can't do anything,” and so on. The more you talk about or think about it, the more likely your subconscious will remember your words and will do everything to make them come true. The power of ideas is tremendous power. Unleashing your own potential begins with a belief in your abilities.

- Do not compare yourself with others. Do not pay attention to the fact that your workout mates make the exercises worse or better than you. All such comparisons are just a waste of energy. We must be able to ignore public opinion. Be guided by the same principles when choosing the direction of fitness. Look for training to your taste, not thinking about what is fashionable now, what your family or friends would approve of.

- Set your goal clearly and specifically. When you have a clear motivation, it is easier to find willpower to start training. You can take a sheet of paper and write what you like in your body (slender legs, smile) and what you don’t like (I can’t climb several floors without shortness of breath, pain in joints). So you will immediately see what needs to be done to put the body in order and enjoy its appearance.

- Divide the goal into stages. Do not immediately set yourself the task of winning the district competitions. You can, for example, learn to walk up to your apartment without shortness of breath. Usually, for a relatively healthy middle-aged person, you need 2-3 months of training to remove such exercise.

We spend most of our lives trying to influence external forces that we have little control over. And what we can manage literally under our noses. This is our body and mind. When we talk about our own body, there is nothing unattainable if you think positively and do not give up the development halfway. Faith will help achieve amazing changes in appearance and well-being. But you should know: it takes time to understand the essence of each exercise and start enjoying the freedom of movement.

How did you start to do fitness? Was it hard to get involved?

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