Michel Montignac Nutrition Method

The system, which promises to reduce the volume of the body, but does not imply either starvation or restrictions in the amount of food. On the contrary, you need to fill. “Food is a pleasure, it should not cause remorse,” said Montignac.

Among the fans of the diet, developed by Michel Montignac (Michel Montignac), - Gerard Depardieu, Queen of the Netherlands Beatrix and other world celebrities. The pledge of the popularity of the method is in its humanity. Montignac does not pay attention to calorie. His diet is based on a selection of foods with a low glycemic index, which researcher David Jenkins from the University of Toronto calculated in the 1980s. The glycemic index (GI) shows the rate at which carbohydrates are absorbed and how the level of glucose in the blood changes when we eat a particular product.

According to the Montignac method, the smaller the GI, the healthier the food. The maximum index (100) at the glucose. Products with large GI (from 50 to 100) Montignac calls bad carbohydrates, because they contain a lot of easily accessible sugars, which quickly turn into fat. He proposes to exclude them from the diet. Foods with low GI (from 0 to 50) are digested for a long time and produce less glucose - a scientist defines them as good carbohydrates and offers to completely replace bad ones.

Montignac diet consists of two phases. First phase takes from one to three or four months - so much is needed so that the body gets used to a new diet, in which there is no place for fast carbohydrates. Meals should be strictly organized: three times a day at the same time, without snacking and prohibited foods. In between meals, you can eat fruits or dried fruits. For those who are very hungry, tea is not forbidden with a slice of whole-wheat bread and unsweetened jam. Montignac is a fiery advocate for breakfast: “Many people say they don’t eat breakfast because they don’t feel hungry,” Montignac writes. “But if you aren’t hungry in the morning, then you’ve had too much dinner. This is a vicious circle. Breakfast and lunch should be sufficient, but dinner - light and long before bedtime. To have time to eat in the morning, get up 20-30 minutes earlier. It’s relatively easy to do, because after a light dinner it’s much better and you get enough sleep faster. ”

Thus, second phase the main part of the excess weight leaves and a new, correct attitude to food appears. This stage is not so hard, it is allowed some relief (the so-called small and large exceptions). For one meal, one small or large exception is allowed. For example, an aperitif or fruit dessert is a small exception, and a main dish with “bad” carbohydrates (flour or sugar) is a big one. If the scale arrow begins to creep up, it means that you allow too many exceptions and it is time to return to the strict first phase. However, people who have been practicing diet for a long time know exactly when they can afford to do too much without harming their shape.

In his books, Montignac provides detailed recommendations on individual products. Here are the most important ones.

Glycemic Index Table

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