5 reasons to make workouts shorter

We often hear that sustained loads of moderate intensity are the best way to lose weight, develop endurance, etc. And they almost never talk about cases where workouts need to be done shorter.

Allegedly training. This psychological trap lurks visitors to fitness clubs. Having stayed there for 3-4 hours, the person leaves with a feeling of satisfaction from a full-fledged workout. Moreover, the exercises themselves were spent well for half an hour, and the rest of the time was spent in the sauna, solarium and fitness bar.

According to American Council Exercise, more often than others, the one who engages with a friend loses his temporal orientation, especially if he sees him mainly in the club. 55-60% of the time in this case goes into conversations. The second risk group - visitors to the gym. There is a need for respite between approaches, and they often drag out into obscenity - chat there, drink some water ... Lovers of group classes and clients of personal trainers have the least time to lose training time: the training mode does not allow them to be distracted.

Loss of exercise techniques. In the second half of the workout, legs get tangled, dance steps are not given, lunges and presses can’t be done correctly, instead of running, on the track, you only get a limp flop ... Familiar sensations? So you are so tired that you lose coordination and are at risk of overtraining and injury.

In this case, the workout is better done shorter, but in order to achieve results, it is also more energetic. The already mentioned American College of Sports Medicine gives an example: a person weighing 70 kg on a treadmill burns 235 kcal per hour while walking at a speed of 4.8 km / h, and while running at a speed of 12.8 km / h - 320 kcal in just 20 minutes

Wolf hunger. Normally, you should want to eat 40-60 minutes after a workout, the wolf's hunger will come no earlier than in an hour and a half. This pattern is derived from a joint study by the University of Leeds (England) and the Rovette Research University in Aberdeen (Scotland), published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the Nutrition Society. If you feel hungry during or immediately after a class, you may be training too much. Wolf hunger lurks those who train longer than 1 hour and a quarter. Appetite gradually increases and eventually becomes uncontrollable. If you lose weight, there is no way to allow severe hunger. The solution is to shorten the workout by 10-30%.

Lack of time. According to statistical surveys both in Russia and abroad, this is the main reason why people give up fitness. After all, besides the actual training, you need more time to travel, change clothes, shower after ...

What to do? It is better to practice at least 10 (15, 30) minutes than not to train at all. If you can, do this workout with a shock (for example, jump with a skipping rope or jump with a barbell). A study by McMaster found: if a person makes 8-12 speeds on a bicycle (or a simulator) for 1 minute, and in the interval of 75 seconds sluggishly pedals, this speeds up metabolism by about 10%. And the effect lasts 72 hours! Only 20 minutes of training - and for three days your body spends more calories.

Do not feel a sporting fuse in yourself - do stretching, breathing exercises or walk on foot. The American College of Cardiology for a couple with the American College of Sports Medicine are confident that to improve health, it is enough to move 30 minutes 3-5 times a week. Lose weight will not work, but you will feel better, and this is already a lot.

Health problems. Fall immunity (endless colds, herpes, fungus), insomnia, high blood pressure and other seemingly unreasonable deterioration in health may indicate that your workouts are too long. Shorten them to 30 minutes and look at your condition in a month. A University of Louisiana in his study noted that obese women who started workouts with 70 minutes of walking per week (10 minutes per day), heart work improved by 4% in a month. A similar group that went for 30 minutes 3 times a week - by as much as 8%. But the 90-minute classes have already been to the detriment of health.

My conclusion: do not chase after long workouts. 20-30 minutes a day is enough if you are not a professional athlete, and 10-15 minutes is always better than nothing. But regular classes longer hours can be frankly harmful.