How to build the perfect fitness beautician

Shampoo, shower gel, moisturizing body cream and many more trifles, without which one can not do ... To create the perfect fitness cosmetic bag - functional, comfortable and at the same time as compact as possible - the whole art! We tell how to master them.

Everyone who goes to the fitness club knows that a good half of the bag is usually not taken by a sports uniform, but by cosmetics - all kinds of bottles, bottles, bubbles ... Besides, they are bulky and inconvenient, their contents tend to spill, soiling everything around them.

An alternative to conventional liquid shampoos, gels and creams may be solid cosmetics and spray products. They are compact, safe, do not spill and do not fight, and their task - to clean, moisturize, protect - cope perfectly well. Cosmetics of solid consistency contain a small amount of artificial preservatives, because there is no water in it, which promotes the growth of bacteria.

A distinctive feature of sprays is the form of packaging. The cartridge has a spray bottle, thanks to which the contents are sprayed with the smallest particles, irrigating at once a large area and penetrating even into hard-to-reach places. Absolute tightness excludes the ingestion of oxygen and harmful microorganisms, which means that the cosmetic product retains its beneficial properties longer.


Hair after intensive training in the gym and swimming pool does not look the best way, which means that shampoo must be in your fitness beautician. But it’s better not classic - in the liquid form, but solid - in the form of puck, balls, tiles. Solid shampoos are extremely convenient and practical. A bar weighing 50 g does not take up much space, but it will be enough for about 80 heads. The basis of solid products for washing hair is extracts of medicinal plants (nettle, rose petals, juniper, calendula, etc.), vegetable oils (coconut, jojoba, argan, etc.), essential oils (citrus, cinnamon, ylang-ylang, mint, etc.), sea salt, algae. Solid shampoos, as well as traditional, are very different. Select it, focusing on the needs of the hair and scalp: against dryness or oiliness, to enhance shine or increase volume. For a fitness club is perfect tool 2 in 1 - shampoo and conditioner. Using solid shampoo is easy. Pound a piece of the product with wet hands until foaming, then apply it to damp hair, massage and rinse

If you wash your hair after a workout you once or nowhere, get dry shampoo - in the form of powder or spray. The main component of dry shampoo - absorbents (vegetable starch, clay), which absorb fat and dirt, refreshing hair. Spray the product by shaking the spray can or apply a small amount of powder with your fingers to the hair roots. Then distribute along the strands, comb in a few minutes. As a bonus: dry shampoos also have the properties of styling products - they give hair texture and volume. So your unwashed head of hair, treated with dry shampoo, easily pass for the current hairstyle in the grunge style.


In the summer, your fitness beautician must find a place for effective protection from the sun. It has been proven that harmful ultraviolet light can penetrate the deep layers of the epidermis, causing irreversible changes. Dermatologists advise applying protection to the face and exposed areas of the body every two to three hours. When exercising outdoors, always keep a compact Dry Dry SUN CARE spray spray from the famous Swedish brand Dry Dry. A flat bottle of 20 ml will easily fit in a pocket of sports trousers and protect the skin from the sun. Spray Dry Dry SUN CARE has protection with an index of 30, which means it neutralizes 97% of harmful rays - it blocks the UV rays of UVA and UVB, which penetrate even through clouds.


But this tool - a favorite of any cosmetic! Dry Dry NO BACTERIA antibacterial spray for hands is ideal for people leading an active lifestyle: just keep a flat bottle of 20 ml at hand even in the most extreme circumstances. It is enough to spray Dry Dry NO BACTERIA a couple of times on your palm to get rid of the feeling of dirty hands and destroy bacteria. Aloe vera extract, which kills germs, fungi and viruses, helps to keep hands clean, vitamin B5 strengthens the epidermis, and biopolymers create an imperceptible protective film on the surface of the palms. The liquid absorbs quickly and does not leave a sticky layer. Antibacterial agent is suitable for all skin types and does not cause allergies. By the way, Dry Dry NO BACTERIA can also be disinfected on the screens of monitors and smartphones, on which even more bacteria are concentrated than on the palms, so that it is useful not only in the gym, but also in everyday life.


Shower - an essential part of the ritual of body care after exercise. But the skin requires not only cleansing, but also hydration, because during intense physical exertion, it vigorously loses moisture. The cream or lotion will come to the rescue. They are released now and in solid format. They also act on the skin as classic means: moisturize, nourish, strengthen. Solid cosmetics, due to their peculiarities, are rich in valuable vegetable oils: coconut, cocoa, argan, and jojoba. And the presence of esters in the composition contributes to the penetration of beneficial ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin.

We advise you to look at solid body creams with toning effect. They give the skin a pleasant shade of tan, leave a slight shimmer, beautifully emphasizing elastic, taut muscles. Before applying, warm the cream in the palm of your hand, and then run it over the skin, allowing the oils to melt and the healing ingredients to be absorbed.


Do you want to sit after class in a cozy fitness cafe, and ahead of you have an eventful day or evening? In such a case, it would be good to have a toothpaste in the form of small tablets in a cosmetics bag. One will be enough to refresh the oral cavity. Solid pastes are made on the basis of anhydrous calcium phosphate and kaolin, enriching with essential oils of mint, citrus, sandalwood. Spices in the composition of pasta, such as cinnamon, pepper, vanilla - perfectly refresh your breath. The tablet should be chewed to the formation of foam, and then brush your teeth as usual and rinse your mouth. I must say that the paste retains its granular texture even after grinding, which means that you are also guaranteed the effect of light bleaching.

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