Become brutal: four crossfit workouts for men

Crossfit is not usually divided into "female" or "male." However, on the advice of experts, I chose 4 options for male occupations. They will help develop strength, endurance and, of course, become more brutal.

Let me remind you that crossfit is a program that combines gymnastic strength elements, powerlifting and athletics, and all the exercises are performed at a fast pace. Most of the crossfit workouts I have chosen include all these elements. They are quite difficult for beginners, but they will definitely interest sportsmen with experience.

Crossfit training session number 1: "Fran"

Named in honor of the famous hurricane, this scheme includes the pull-ups and barbell emissions that are familiar even to novice bodybuilders. For this reason, "Fran" seems pretty simple. But not unhelpful: these exercises involve the muscles of the bark, upper back, arms and abs.

Scheme for 3 rounds:

* Blowout rod 43 kg.

* Tightening.

* In the round you need to perform 21-15-9 repetitions of each exercise.

Total training time: 10 minutes (gradually it is desirable to reduce it).

Nuances Before executing this scheme Sergey Ukolov, Crossfit trainer, owner of the Crossfit Maze hall, recommends a simple joint-like workout - squats and pull-ups to avoid injuries.

"To perform this scheme, the trainer's control is necessary, since throwing a barbell is one of the most dangerous exercises," Nikita Glazunov, personal trainer and owner of the Scala gym. “Beginners need to work with less weight, which should be selected individually during training.”

Crossfit workout number 2: "Awful 50"

The name of the scheme says: each of the 10 exercises must be performed 50 times. And at maximum speed. There is one more difficulty, though, of a purely technical nature: it will not be easy to choose the working weight in the exercises so as to ensure a suitable level of load throughout the entire workout. Over time, when you get stronger, the weight will have to increase.


* 50 jumps to the cabinet 60 cm.

* 50 jumping pull-ups.

* 50 max weights 16 kg.

* 50 walking lunge.

* 50 knees pull-ups to the elbows.

* 50 bar benders standing (20 kg).

* 50 hyperextension.

* 50 throws of medbol (9 kg) by 3 meters.

* 50 bepery.

* 50 double jumps on the rope.

Total training time: 25 minutes.

Nuances This crossfit training is not suitable for beginners and people with cardiovascular problems, as it implies a serious load. “This scheme is stressful,” Nikita Glazunov emphasizes. “You need to use it sometimes when you feel that you have approached the training plate.” The instructor advises you to complete a 40-minute cardio session: this will further improve the shape.

“This complex (like, by the way, any one in principle) must be performed at your own pace, following your pulse and breathing,” notes Sergey Ukolov, a crossfit trainer. “If you start to choke on the fifth minute, and the scheme is designed for thirty, you are doing something wrong.”

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