Svetlana Litvinova gives advice to those who do not dance

On any holiday there are people who would never go dancing. If you shudder at the thought that at the New Year's party you will be pulled to the dance floor, my advice may be useful to you.

Those who never dance usually argue like this: I don't know how - it means that I look indecent - it means I won't. But I would never believe that in the depths of their hearts they do not want to have fun and light together with everyone.

In my studies for beginners, I often offer a test. I recommend you to go through it, if you have any doubts whether you can dance. Raise your left hand up. Lower it. Then lift your right leg to the side. Lower it. Happened? If yes, then I congratulate you: you already know how to dance!

Dance is natural. If you never dance, you deprive yourself by removing one of the brightest colors from the multi-colored palette of sensations.

When a person dances, they pay attention to him. It stops many, because they believe that they can not show anything good. In fact, a month of classes in any dance studio a couple of times a week already gives a noticeable result. In addition, you need to understand that dance is born from music. If a person simply owns complex elements and bundles, this is not a dancer, but a gymnast. The dance begins with a smile, and the only thing to do is to feel the music. I have often noticed that many newcomers look much more sincere in dance than experienced artists.

How to beat your fear of dancing? Here are my tips:

1. Dance at home when no one sees. Include the coolest music you can't sit under and dance. You can not peep into the mirrors! Do not evaluate yourself, just watch your feelings. By improving the blood supply to muscles and joints, you will get rid of stress and fatigue, which means that you will lift your spirits. This will be your little victory, you will remove the stagnation in the muscles and in the usual routine of life. The main thing is to improvise! It seems to me that it gives the coolest sensations in the dance.

2. Dance in the club - everyone sees you there, but nobody knows and you don't know anyone. Everybody is dancing, nobody pays attention to anyone - on the contrary, everyone is trying to draw attention to themselves. Dance and watch others. Take a break from all your usual thoughts. For this, for example, you can imagine that all visitors to the club are fabulous characters. Unleash the imagination!

3. Participate in a flash mob dance. Find out when and where will be held any large-scale event for lovers of dance, and feel free to go there. You will hardly have to perform more complex movements than those I proposed for the test, but the incredible energy of the mass action will long remain in the memory and, perhaps, inspire you to dance feats.

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