Functional full body workout with longboard (PHOTO)

With the right approach, a skateboard or longboard can be a good fitness projectile, for example, for an interesting functional workout. We show what exercises with the board will help strengthen the main muscle groups.

The skiing season in our climate is rather short, at best, from May to October, if, of course, you do not find much pleasure in dissecting puddles and slush on the board. During the rest of the year, skateboard and longboard fans have few options: to ride in covered roller skates (if they are in your city) or brush the dust off the board (if they are not) with sadness. We offer one more: do not throw the board until next spring, but actively use it in functional training.

The effectiveness of such exercises will be significantly higher than that of the classical strength exercises. “When performing lunges and planks on an unstable support, on a skateboard or a longboard, we put several muscle groups into operation, including the stabilizing muscles,” says Olga UgryumovaBoardriders Go Longboard coach at Longboard School and author of this complex. - It complicates the exercises, makes them more energy-intensive. Plus, some movements, say a side lunge, allow us to work out such a hard-to-reach area as the inner surface of the thigh. ”

What type of board to choose for training? There is no significant difference, however, with a more stable longboard it will be somewhat easier to deal with than with a skateboard, which is distinguished by a shorter suspension, softened by cushioning and smaller wheels.

How to build a functional training with longboard

* Do exercises at a slow pace. “This will help to maximally load the muscles in every movement,” - Olga Ugryumova comments.

* Do some joint gymnastics and simple stretching exercises before training to avoid injuries.

* Perform exercises consistently and work on this program 3-4 times a week.

In order to conduct this training, you only need a skateboard or longboard.

Warm up

With your back to the wall, press the longboard against the spine and the wheels of the board against the wall. Slide your feet across the floor slightly forward. Lowering the board down the wall, bend your knees up to the parallel of the hips with the floor and linger in this position on 20 seconds. Then return to the starting position and repeat the exercise two more times.

Leg abduction

Put the foot shoulder width, place the left on the board. Transfer body weight to the right leg. Hands in the lock and pull in front of the chest. On the exhale, bending the right leg and pulling the left as much as possible, roll the board to the left. Do not tear the left foot off the board and do not slouch. Gently return to the starting position and do the exercise in 3 approaches by 20 repetitions on each leg.

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