Yoga tour "Victory over stress and feelings" with Alexey Merkulov to Hungary

In the November yoga tour, you can change your life by learning to withstand stress and unnecessary experiences with the help of Kundalini Yoga. Alexey Merkulov will hold classes on the famous Lake Heviz.

Negative experiences and stress most of us experience every day. Excessive chronic stress affects the quality of life and health, but this can be fought. To do this, you need to learn how to control your emotions and easily overcome difficulties. Alexey Merkulov will help you to do this in the practice of kundalini yoga. In this system, there is a mass of effective techniques for dealing with stress, fears and anxiety. The goal of kundalini yoga is to awaken a powerful flow of vital energy. In the yoga tour, you will struggle with chronic fatigue, get rid of experiences that prevent you from being happy, gain strength and optimism.

Of course, in order to learn how to cope with stress, you will have to make an effort. In the yoga tour you will find daily morning practice - sadhana at 4.30 am. This time was not chosen by chance - it is called amrit led, the time of nectar. It is believed that it is in such an early morning that you can hear your soul. After breakfast, rest and bathing in the thermal springs, Alexey Merkulov will conduct group meditation with pranayama, and then walk or cycle. In addition, intensive Kundalini Yoga (2.5 hours) and an evening lecture with meditation before bedtime awaits you every day.

Despite a very rich program of classes and daily bathing in the thermal springs, there will be excursions in the yoga tour. In addition to a walk on Lake Heviz, the group will spend two days exploring Vienna and Budapest. In the capital of Austria, you will see the Belvedere Palace, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the famous fountain. Tourists rush to him to slap on the ass of the iron boy to get married successfully, and hold on to the oar of the gray-haired old man to sail through life in the right direction. In the capital of Hungary, you will walk along the Champs Élysées of Budapest - the majestic Andrássy Avenue, you will see the Royal Palace, the Houses of Parliament and the Basilica of St. Stephen.

Particularly noteworthy is the place where the yoga-tour group stops. Lake Heviz is the largest warm-water lake to which you can come even in winter: the water temperature never drops below + 22 °C. Heviz’s unique water boosts immunity, strengthens joints, helps treat sleep disorders, arthrosis, arthritis, spondylosis, discopathy, ankylosing spondylitis, gynecological diseases, osteochondrosis, gout, diseases of the skin, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, metabolism, musculoskeletal system . The lake is surrounded by a beautiful national park.

What: yoga tour "Victory over stress and feelings" with Alexey Merkulov.

Where: Heviz, Hungary.

When: November 3-10.

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