Ilya Vyaltsev: how to pass the dance casting

Many believe that the stars of youth films and TV shows are the children of important cones, who got on the screen through an acquaintance. Yes, often it is, but there are exceptions. And the casting, which recently took place in my studio, confirms this.

I have participated a lot in organizing various festivals and television projects as a dance producer, and I am increasingly turning to the leaders of such events. Recently, the producer of one of the central channels asked to advise the guys for shooting a dance series. And I decided that it would be best to hold a casting, to which everyone can come.

Scattered information on dance forums, many are interested, they began to call us from Novorossiysk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, St. Petersburg. On the first day after the information appeared on the web, about 200 people signed up for the casting.

They had to go through three stages of selection. In the first part, the guys danced, in the second - they showed acting skills and, finally, were casting for a certain role. When we talked about the conditions in more detail, the stage devoted to acting, scared off about 60% of those who signed up.

Nevertheless, almost 450 people gathered. The audience was very mixed: the guys danced and hip-hop, and street dance, and ballroom dancing, and jazz modern, and even Russian folk dances. Very funny performances were in the second stage. For example, one boy who did not have time to learn a poem told a sad story about his cat. At 11 he had a cat that disappeared in a mysterious way. He thought that he would never have a cat again, but now he has a cat called Mishka, whom he likes to stroke, scratch and feed early in the morning ... In general, it’s complete nonsense, but what was important was not what he said, but how he told it. The girl was one very funny: she made strange sounds and made faces, portraying Jim Carrey. The second stage was only 25 people. Only 12 of them were selected for 12 roles, but this is already a good result. The main thing is that thanks to such open castings, new faces and new stars appear that have really achieved everything themselves.

Anyone who wants to try their hand at dance castings, I want to give some tips:

1. First of all, figure out where you're going, gather information about the project. Oddly enough, many participants of the casting often do not know where they are trying to go. This is unlikely to be your plus, rather the opposite.

2. The casting performance should not be an improvisation, it should be prepared in advance. And it is better if the dance will be diverse: turn on all the coolest movements and tricks you can do.

3. When you need to demonstrate your acting skills, tell me something personal. It is unlikely that some poem excites you more than a touching story from your own life, and the task is to hook your viewers with emotions. If you still choose a poem, add a pantomime or some interesting elements. In order to think over your speech, you can look for a video on the Internet in advance, as someone reads the same work.

And most importantly - do not be afraid and go! After all, if you do not go, then someone else will go and choose him.

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