Tatyana Lisitskaya: how to improve the shape of the hips

To maintain the slimness of the hips, you need to train the muscles of the inner and outer surface of the thigh. Will help in this simple exercise and two terry towels.

When we walk, run, sit, get up, climb stairs, we mainly work the muscles of the front and back of the thigh. But the muscles of the inner and outer surface of the thigh (abductor and adductor) in daily life are used little, which often leads to flabbiness and cellulite in these areas. In addition, the weakening of the adductor and lateral muscles of the thigh makes the knee joint unstable, and this is fraught with injuries. And on top of that, because of the weak muscles of the hips, after long walks, the hip joints ache.

If you want to keep your legs beautiful and your joints healthy, you can’t do without special exercises. The most famous of them - swing legs to the side from a prone position. They are performed with weights, with an expander or on special slide tracks. However, in order to achieve the effect with the help of these exercises, you need to practice at least 20 minutes, at least every other day. And this is often not enough time, but basically just laziness.

I offer you simple, but very effective exercises that are sufficient to perform ten minutes two or three times a week. These are gliding movements on the floor. All you need is a smooth slippery floor (for example, parquet or laminate) and two terry towels. Standing on towels, you need to slide on the floor, spreading your legs apart: forward, backward, diagonally or simulating skiing or skating. Try it!

Next time I will tell you how to improve the shape of the breast with the help of the same towels.

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