"Problem areas. Express course"

Short 15-minute lessons return to the TV channel “LIVE!” Oksana Yashankina and Ilya Mizgirev present a new program “Problem Zones. Express course.

The authors of the course explain: problem areas - these are the places where excess fat is deposited first and where they go from the hardest. Different people have different zones, but the most “popular” are the abdomen, sides, buttocks, thighs and the triceps area. And since a beautiful body can not be without a strong torso and a straight posture, in the express course there are also a lot of exercises for the back muscles.

Despite the fact that the point burning of fat is a myth (it is impossible to remove fat only in a certain place), exercises for problem areas help to significantly improve the shape. They can complement the effect of basic exercises for weight loss - for example, aerobics or body flex, and are able to adjust the silhouette and change the proportions of the body.

In each issue - a short intense complex for one or two muscle groups. During the course, instructors of the program complicate the exercises and increase the load. So it is worth completing the entire course in order, and work out your problem areas separately, pulling up the muscles and securing the effect of the main activities.

Some exercise instructors show in different variations - simpler and more complicated. In the classroom they use small dumbbells or bottles or books that replace them perfectly. The shells are simple, but you should not neglect them: a full half-liter bottle of water, if you hold it on an outstretched arm, creating a lever, makes life much harder for you in training, which means it polishes your body.

Behind the authors of the program, Oksana Yashankina and Ilya Mizgirev, is gymnastics: Ilya was a prize-winner of the championship of Russia, and Oksana was an absolute champion of Russia and a member of the Olympic team. Leaving gymnastics, Mizgirev received the title of master of sports in bodybuilding and fitness and began working in a fitness club, and Yashankina became a popular personal fitness trainer among celebrities and even trained Naomi Campbell. Together, Oksana and Ilya worked in the dance show project Fitness Team Moscow. Figures and plastic leading so impressive that a 15-minute lesson may seem small. “If possible, follow our short blocks twice a day,” advises Oksana Yashankina. “This will help keep yourself in good shape and correct your problem areas.”

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