A healthy mind is a matter of time.

Outdoor activities have a beneficial effect on the psyche. Everybody knows that. But how much time it is necessary to spend in the fresh air for the benefit of the cause - the scientists gave the answer only today. It turns out that just five minutes is enough!

Even such a short time spent on physical exercises in the park is enough to make significant improvements in the psyche: give way to a positive mood, increase, and life seemed easy, beautiful and generous. Two scientists from the University of Essex () came to this: Senior Researcher Joanna Barton () and environmental and community specialist Professor Jules Pretti (). By the way, Pretty is very famous not only as a researcher and scientist, but also as the author of several sensational books on the relationship between ecology and society.

“This topic seemed extremely relevant to us,” says Joanna Barton. - After all, people who care about their physical health and attractive appearance, devote a lot of time to training in the gym, often ignoring outdoor activities. We decided to prove that outdoor activities are beneficial not only for the body, but, which is also very important, for mental well-being. We were extremely surprised when we found out: the positive effect is achieved in almost 100% of cases already after five minutes! ”

In the study, Barton and Pretty took part 1252 people of both sexes of different age, social status and professions. The activities they did under the supervision of scientists in green gardens, parks, and other natural areas were also different: walking, fishing, riding horses or riding bicycles, and boating. In all (!) 1252 cases, an improvement of mental well-being, a surge of strength and emotional lift were recorded.

"The most effective classes were for young people under the age of 35, as well as for those who showed signs," said Professor Pretty. But, in my opinion, from a practical point of view, his other remark is much more significant: “Those who spent time not only near the trees, but near a lake, river or pond, had the highest psychophysical indicators. In other words, if there is a reservoir in the park near your house, I advise you to do morning or evening jogs there. As the experiment showed, the presence of greenery and water affects the psyche especially favorably. ”

And if psychologists and neurophysiologists are still only puzzled over how to explain the phenomenon of a positive effect on humans of green and blue landscapes, then, for example, specialists have long understood everything: since Avicenna’s time, they considered green and blue colors to be the most favorable for health

Green, for example, is a kind of peacemaker, helps relieve tension, stress symptoms, weakens arousal, adjusts harmony, gives hope and confidence. Blue is considered the main source of positive moods, it contributes to inspiration and creative take-off, helps to get rid of negative thoughts and memories.

Despite the fact that even an idle stay in nature, of course, calms and relaxes, scientists insist: it is especially active leisure that is particularly beneficial. Therefore, spending the weekend in the countryside, do not be lazy: spit out a blade of grass, take the body out of the hammock and at least move a little. Think about rollers and a bicycle, get badminton rackets out of the dacha in the end, after all, just walk to the river. And even if you are fine and you do not need any therapy, the pleasure of playing games in the air is also an excellent incentive not to sit still, right?

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