Chakra yoga with Alena Mordovina: how to find love

If you lack love and warmth, perhaps you yourself create these feelings in yourself under the influence of energy imbalance. In such cases, I recommend the practice of chakra yoga for the anahata chakra - the fourth of the seven energy centers of the body.

Work with the chakras in yoga

The fourth chakra is often called the heart center - it is located at the chest level in the region of the heart plexus. The word “anahata” means “unlimited, infinite”, and the sound of “holes” with which it is associated is “release”, “release”. Anahata Chakra symbolizes: green, antelope as the embodiment of vigilance, speed and sensitivity, the element of air and a circle with twelve petals. These petals correspond to the twelve qualities and feelings of the heart - joy, peace, kindness, patience, love, harmony, clarity, compassion, purity, understanding, forgiveness and bliss.

A person is going through a period of activation of the anahata-chakra aged from 21 to 28 years. It is with her energy that manifestation of sincere love, devotion, understanding, compassion and total forgiveness is connected. Love emanating from the three lower chakras, always has a hidden motive - security, sex or power. The feelings arising in the fourth chakra are love in the name of love, a harmonious connection that erases the boundaries between people. The positive aspect of this energy is the awakening of such all-encompassing love, the negative one - the impermanence of emotions, the stagnation of personal development.

In relation to other chakras, the heart center has a special meaning: it connects the downward movement of energy with the ascending one. The three lower chakras operate with personal energy, separating us from others. The three higher chakras are the collective aspects of the “I”, reinforcing communication with the Universe. Located between them, the fourth chakra establishes harmony, being the center of balance of the whole organism.

Excessive sentimentality is the main manifestation of the imbalance of the heart chakra. When a person is not able to separate his problems from those of others, his connection with other people can become painful. As a rule, with such an approach to life, he often seeks to do something for others in the hope of a good attitude on their part. To achieve equilibrium, it is necessary to transform pity into compassion, both for close people and for those whom you have never met. In addition, on the path of development, one should strive to realize that love is unconditional and does not need to be earned.

The balanced state of the fourth chakra enables a person to overcome the limitations of external circumstances and the environment, to be independent, to feel the internal driving force. His life becomes a source of inspiration for others: in the presence of such a person, everyone feels calm and warm. Chakra yoga for the heart center helps to eliminate psychosomatic disorders, anger and resentment, become more tolerant and forgive yourself and others.

Chakra Yoga for Anahata Chakra

Concentration on the inner space of the heart

Sit down, close your eyes and relax. Repeat the mantra: on the inhale “from”, on the exhale “ham”. During the practice, observe your feelings, thoughts and images that you will have. Do not evaluate them - just watch.

Imagine the light inside your heart. Let it grow and expand until it fills all the space within you. Then let it radiate outward. Feel like a source of light in the dark.

Direct your consciousness into the depths of your heart and watch the beauty of your inner world. Observe what is happening there, and continue to sink deeper and deeper into your inner space. In the depths of your heart, feel the warmth and flow of love. Let your breath be light and free, relax your body and mind. Feel the air as you inhale and exhale touch your heart. Inhalation brings a sense of expansion and the emergence of heat, and exhalation brings its radiation.

Slowly return from the depths of the inner space and feel your body.

Meditation to enhance the energy of the anahata chakra

Imagine a ray of white light. Mentally bring it from below to the first chakra, and then follow how it rises to the level of the heart, being painted in the color of the forest greenery. Surrender to the will of this refreshing ray, realize yourself as a loving, open person. Feel the infinity of life, understand that in life there is a lot of things and for all. Awaken a sense of generosity, share your heart with the world. Think of the fact that your heart is able to make decisions that help unite body and spiritual needs.

Other practices that help balance the energy body, improve health and lift the spirit, we will do together in the classes of the Moscow course on chakra yoga in November. There are still places in the group, and I invite you to join us!

Yoga Seminar “Chakra Yoga. The art of achieving goals "

A yoga seminar on chakra yoga with Alena Mordovina will be held from 3 to 24 November 2012 in Moscow in the yoga club "Age of Aquarius".

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