Vegetarian fast food appeared in Moscow

Almost simultaneously in the capital opened two vegetarian fast food cafes. Many were waiting for them: after all, tasty and cheap food, if you do not eat either meat or fish, in our city it is almost impossible. I went to explore.

Loving hut

“Cozy Cabins” (roughly translated from English) is a vegan café with a recognizable yellow logo. Around the world - from America to Taiwan - 127 of them have already opened.

The first Russian Loving Hut was symbolically in the settlements. Only vegetarian curiosity and a good brand reputation made me go to the edge of Moscow. They say that even irreconcilable meat-eaters cannot pass by burgers and sweets LH indifferently.

What did you like

- Cozy decor: Loving Hut has a tiny corner in the food court of the shopping center. Clean showcase, comfortable tables.

- Large selection: about 30 positions, including soups, dumplings, rolls, cheesecakes, dos (rice pancakes) and pastries. You can make a vegetarian burger with additives to your taste, such as potatoes or lentils.

- Generous portions: a large plate of noodles with vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce will draw for a full meal.

- Nice prices: rice with vegetables - 54 rubles, dumplings with mushrooms - 130 rubles, carrot salad with mushrooms - 38 rubles, English cinnamon cake - 55 rubles.

- Healthy recipes: the dishes I tried were not too bland or spicy, fatty or sweet. For their preparation, a minimum of refined products are used, sugar - only brown, flour - chickpea (pea variety). According to Oleg Dmitriev, the official representative of Loving Hut in Russia, synthetic flavor enhancers are not used in principle here.

- Kind, competent staff: the cook at Loving Hut, as the waiters told me, is a Hindu vegetarian, a connoisseur of Indian and Russian cuisine. He is remarkably successful, for example, cheesecakes. Most of the employees are mostly vegans with experience. Expertly explain the composition of dishes and advise where to buy rare ingredients, if you want to reproduce the recipe at home.

What did not like

- Few salads: only four, two of them are heavy “Olivier” and “Caesar” with mayonnaise and soy sausage. I want fresh vegetables and new flavor combinations, but not goulash made from soy mincemeat. It is strange that there are no fresh juices and smoothies. And where are the milkshakes, nut cheese, ice cream, fresh bread?

- Few drinks: only coffee, tea, fruit drink and ginger drink. Morse did not try, but the ginger drink did not inspire at all.

- Location: 5th km of the Leningrad highway - frankly, far away. Especially here you will not go. If they open the same closer to the center, I will be happy to go and bring friends - an English pie, samosa with potatoes and mushrooms (recipe, see below) will surely please many people.

Where: 2nd floor of the shopping center "Capitol", st. Right Bank, 1B (metro station "River Station" plus 10 minutes on the company's bus mall).

When: from 9 to 22 hours, seven days a week.

Royal Falafel

David Tetro, the owner of the first vegetarian falafel in Moscow, I found on the spot - he conducted culinary briefing for two of her employees. He says he decided to open falafelnuyu because vegetarian food is healthier. And besides, there are too many competitors in the fast-meat business.

In The Royal Falafel, he is himself a cook and a recipe-maker. He borrowed the main dish of his cafe from Arabian-Israeli cuisine.

What did you like

- Healthy recipe: here they offer falafel and shakshuku in a drink with six varieties of vegetable dressing. Falafel are deep-fried balls of pea puree with spices. Shakshuka - Arabian omelet They are wrapped in a thin wheat cake. In the menu there is also an egg sandwich and eggplants in a pita.

- Generous portions in a convenient package: a half of the pita is filled to the top with falafel or scrambled eggs and vegetables. Convenient to take with you - wrapped in thick paper. Hands and clothes remain clean.

- Low prices: falafel in pita costs 99 rubles, shakshuk - 120 rubles, egg sandwich - 39 rubles.

- Efficiency: right when you are fried scrambled eggs, cook falafel, pour coffee. The order is collected quickly enough - in two or three minutes if there is no queue.

- Convenient location: five minutes from the metro station "Sportivnaya". The red-green tiny pavilion immediately catches the eye. You can eat inside - there is a counter and a place for three or four people.

What did not like

- Service: the staff hardly speaks Russian and, with all the desire, cannot tell how one type of Shakshuki differs from another, or what is included in the filling station. Sellers impose vegetables in pita and immediately take the money, cellophane gloves they just would not interfere.

- Bust with fat and salt: for my taste in falafel a bit too much of both. In addition, within a few hours, one of the purchased sandwiches lost a fresh look, I didn't want to eat it anymore.

- Scanty menu: only five snacks, and among drinks - sweet soda and industrial juices. Not the healthiest choice.

Where: st. Usacheva, 26 (metro station “Sportivnaya”).

When: from 9 to 22 hours, seven days a week.

Recipe: Samosa with Potatoes and Mushrooms from Loving Hut

Ingredients: 60 g high-grade flour, 100 g wholemeal flour, 100 ml vegetable oil, 4 g salt, 80 ml water, 150 g peeled potatoes, 100 g fresh champignons, 5 g sea salt, 1 g coriander, 50 ml vegetable oil .

Stir flour, add 100 ml of oil, salt and pour in water. Form the dough. Leave for three to four hours. Cut potatoes and champignons into small cubes, fry separately, add salt and spices. The resulting filling is divided into four parts. Divide the dough into two parts, roll out round cakes from it, cut them in half. Moisten the edge of the cake in water, roll it up with a triangle, put a fourth of the filling inside and seal it. Also prepare the remaining three samosas. Fry in deep fat until golden (5-7 minutes).

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