Star training: Ivanka Trump's favorite exercises

Donald Trump's daughter, a 35-year-old model and businesswoman, is an amazing example of a young mother who not only has time to raise three children, build a career, but also keep herself in perfect shape. We tell how Ivanka Trump trains.

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump and his first wife Ivana, cannot be called a neophyte: regular trainings became part of her life almost 20 years ago, when she was just starting a fashion model career. And although today Ivanka is removed very little, devoting maximum time to her own business and family, fitness classes from her schedule have not disappeared.

Ivanka Trump Training Plan

It is worth noting that fitness preferences for Ivanka Trump change over time. So, after the first pregnancy, she worked mainly on dance cardio according to special programs developed for her by personal trainer Ronda Malkin. In the same period, the girl became interested in yoga and Pilates. These workouts and a carbohydrate-reduced diet helped her get in shape pretty quickly after the birth of her older daughter, Arabella.

Then Ivanka Trump's training plan changed somewhat. β€œI try to do fitness 4 days a week: two days in the gym and two days - golf, swimming or tennis,” Ivanka told Trump in an interview with one of the publications. β€œIn the gym, I do yoga and pilates, and during my travels I replace them with interval workouts on a treadmill.”