We turn the New Year's table into a buffet table

If you are tired of celebrating the New Year in front of the TV with a basin of Olivier, but you don’t want to completely abandon the idea of ​​getting together with friends, we suggest replacing the traditional festive dinner with a buffet table. How to plan and organize it?

The format of the diner table (or buffet) is well suited for parties with a large number of guests and those occasions when an entertainment program is planned for your holiday (besides eating and watching the blue light).

From the point of view of the organization, a buffet table is simpler than a festive table in the traditional version. "It helps to save furniture, table linens, dishes and the space itself, and to a greater extent than a feast, has to communicate: you can not limit yourself to talking with your immediate neighbor," explains Eva Punch, a cook, a famous wine and restaurant critic, the author of the bestseller "Kitchen by the rules and without." What is worth remembering if you decide to organize a New Year's buffet at home?

Buffet table: important points of the table design

Perhaps the most important rule of the buffet menu is: “portions are small, the range is large”. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following principles:

* The basis of the menu of such a table should be fingerfoods - //www.jv.ru/food/sposoby_i_soviety/31872-fingerfud-prostie-retsepti-zakusok-kotorie-edyat-r.html snacks that are convenient to eat without appliances (or in extreme cases, pin up with a fork). “So make sure that the dishes are not liquid, do not contain a lot of sauce, and the portions are small,” advises Eva Punch. - They should be served evenly over the entire area of ​​the table. Do not forget about the large number of napkins.

* The table area should be such that all snacks fit on it at once, since there is no change of dishes at the buffet. “The only possible change is the dessert, accompanied by the supply of hot drinks, tea and coffee,” recalls the author of the book.

* There are approximate figures for the calculation of ready meals and drinks per guest. Consider them, so as not to be mistaken with the amount of food on the table. “The calculation of ready meals is about 500-600 g per person. Alcohol calculation: a bottle of wine for two guests, a bottle of strong alcohol for four to five people, ”says Eva Punch.