Wise to attract love

Even if you have already found your soul mate, you need to work on relationships. The wise ones that we propose today to master are suitable not only for attracting love. They will also be useful for those who want to strengthen their relationship with their loved one.

The principle of action of love wise is the same as that of wise for financial well-being. “Working at an energy level, such practices help to open up, enhancing attractiveness and charm,” says Victoria Druzhinnikova, Yoga Nidra teacher. - It happens that a woman has enough sexual energy, but for some reason it is blocked. With the help of mudras, you can release her and become a magnet for the opposite sex. ”

The results of the practice of different people will be unequal. “In order for the wise to work effectively, it is necessary that the desire to attract love and (or) strengthen the already existing relationship comes from you,” says Max Tal, author of the book "30 new wise for good luck, to achieve the goal, to acquire the necessary qualities at the right time". - If it is imposed by others, you are unlikely to succeed. Check the truth of desire is not difficult. If you think about something, you feel a surge of energy, heat that spreads all over your body, then this is exactly what you want. ”

How to practice love mudra

* Twice a day (morning and evening) for 10 minutes.

* Sit in a comfortable position, the body should be relaxed, back straight. If you find it difficult to relax, use breathing techniques or auto-training.

* When doing wisely, think about what you want to achieve, as a fait accompli, and not as a distant prospect.

* All of the following mudras need to be performed until the desired result is achieved.

Mud-ra lo-tosa

The lotus flower symbolizes purity, happiness, well-being, rebirth ... It is no coincidence that this mudra is associated with the heart chakra. Practicing it is especially useful for those who are in search of the second half and suffer greatly from loneliness. Lotus wisdom helps attract the attention of the opposite sex.

How do you-nyat: base palms, pads little fingers and thumbs of both hands connect at chest level. The remaining fingers should be opened in the form of a lotus flower. Keep your arms in this position for four breathing cycles. Then fold your hands in the bud - the pads of the opposite fingers of both hands are in contact with each other. Hands relax. Remain in this position for 4 respiratory cycles. Then re-open the fingers in the form of a flower. Repeat the mudra 5-6 times.

Mud-ra for love

Excellent practice for those who really want to fall in love, but for some reason can not. This mudra will help activate the flow of love energy and awaken the feeling both inside yourself and in your chosen one.

How do you-nyat: sit in a comfortable position for you, back straight. Press the pads of the middle and ring fingers of both hands to the palms. The remaining fingers are pointing upwards. Raise your elbows to chest level, close your eyes. In this position you need to be at least 2-3 minutes. Breathe smoothly: slowly inhale on 8 bills, then exhale sharply on one bill. During the execution of the mudra, imagine yourself surrounded by a warm energy cocoon.

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