How to make yourself go to the gym

In the morning you want to sleep, in the evening - there is. In a break between these extremes - a short light day. To force myself to train, I resort to various tricks, which I hasten to share.

From November to March, I and most of my friends fall into anabiosis. Yes, there are among us fans of extreme sports, whose physical activity increases in winter. But what about those who do not like skating, do not snowboard and do not collect ice-boats? How to be to those who are accustomed to doing fitness and now do not find the strength and motivation to go to a gym or at least do morning exercises?

In 2008, American scientists thoroughly studied this issue. “The excuses used by people who don’t want to go to the gym are ridiculous,” a psychologist at the Flinders University in Australia, who participated in the study. “The most common are bad weather and fear that the load will be excessive.”

In other words, valid reasons for not doing fitness are not. There is simple human laziness, self-pity and lack of self-discipline. And with all this you can fight, using the simple but powerful rules.

1. Count the money

“The easiest method,” says Yers University law professor Yan Ers, “is to buy a gym membership for more expensive money earned. From frugality, a man runs to the training as pretty. ”

2. Buy a card for a specific time of day

This is contrary to the previous paragraph, but it disciplines well. It is easier to find time for training if you know that you have only four hours to visit the club, and not all day and night. And then, as usually happens? I did not reach the gym in the morning, but I will definitely do it in the evening. Or tomorrow. Or in a week.

3. Wear fitness clothing with you.

If the training is scheduled for the evening, it makes sense to gather at it in the morning. “Wear a tracksuit as soon as you wake up,” writes the American. “Let it be very beautiful, very expensive clothes, bought specifically for training.”

If the business dress code does not allow you to walk around the office in your sweatpants all day, you need to pack a bag with you. The heavier the better. The burden, and with it the significance of the burden, will be an extra reason to reach the club at all costs.

4. Think of a workout.

Elementary: if the usual classes do not inspire, it's time to change the program. For example, instead of aerobics, do latin or pilates. And you can pick up from each workout one element you like, construct your own training method. By the way, gives a huge scope for such creativity.

5. Read during workouts.

Great idea: take a book with you to the gym more interesting and read it only when you pedal the exercise bike. Slowed down - the book in the side, accelerated - again you read. First, the desire to know what will happen next, makes you read more. Secondly, you do not feel boredom or tired during reading.

6. Train when you have free time.

It is not necessary to go jogging at exactly seven in the morning. Especially in winter, when in all respects it is still deep night. You might as well run in the evening. And if running is not among the favorite disciplines at all, then you can study at home by the TV. Fortunately, our channel “LIVE!” Broadcasts around the clock: 17 disciplines, dozens of different trainers.

“ALIVE!” Trainers have the same problems as ordinary people. About how some of them are struggling with the reluctance to go to the gym in our blitz survey:

Julia Zaichenkova:

“It happens, of course, that I feel bad or sad. At such moments I don’t rape myself, I don’t go anywhere, but I perform a spontaneous dance (dance, expressing the internal state of the performer, - Ed.) I put my favorite esoteric music in technical processing - the mood rises instantly. "

Ilya Vyaltsev:

“Dancing is creativity. But it happens that you do not particularly want to engage in creative work. On such days, I know what I'm doing? I dress up. Usually at rehearsal I come in a tracksuit. But if the mood jumps, I try to wear something bright: for example, jeans - red, shirt - yellow and a cap. To most by yourself it was nice to look in the mirror. Pupils all feel it. In principle, in dance the teacher is a conductor of energy. And when they see a guy in a torn shirt, holey socks and dirty jeans, their enthusiasm diminishes. And if the teacher looks funny, funny, jokes, then the students try to match him. ”

Marina Korpan:

“There is one surefire way: really want to lose weight a lot. I know women who since the evening they put a dress on a chair, in which they would like to climb into the New Year, and when they open their eyes at six in the morning, they first see it and go up for training without any “not wanting” and “can't ". Therefore, they tear their eyes and breathe without unnecessary sentiments. ”

Stanislav Rogachev:

“Only a sleepless night can confuse my plans. Bad mood plays no role. I train in any weather and in any mood. You are brushing your teeth, even when you scrub cats? With workouts a similar story. "

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