Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga is the most common version of hatha yoga. In the classroom, the focus is on the distribution of effort during the asanas. The more accurate the movement, the stronger the effect and the longer it lasts.

B. KS Iyengar developed his method after learning from Sri Krishnamacharya, the greatest yogi of the twentieth century. Practically everything that is now known in the West as Hatha Yoga has spread thanks to the disciples of Krishnamacharya. However, Iyengar made many additions to the teacher's method. B.C.Iyengar's book “The Clarification of Yoga”, in which hundreds of asanas and nuances of their implementation are scrupulously described, is still considered the main encyclopedia of Hatha Yoga.

One of the main goals of Iyengar yoga is to make the body softer and more flexible, to teach how to perform asanas without stress. Each pose has many options that vary in degree of difficulty. The main difference between the Iyengar method and ashtanga vinyasa or kundalini yoga is the use of wooden bricks, belts, blankets and other improvised means to help take the correct position. And if, for example, to reach the floor for you is an impossible task, you can take a brick, put it in front of you and lean on it with your hands. For starters, this will be enough.

A clear and comprehensible to everyone Iyengar yoga system with clear ways to transfer knowledge from teacher to student is the most famous school in Moscow and throughout Russia. “A lot has been done over these 20 years,” says Elena Ulmasbayeva, director of the Moscow Iyengar Yoga Center. “And much we can be proud of. We opened centers, invited foreign teachers, prepared our own, translated books, created a website. ” “Indeed, the work has been done tremendously,” agrees Sergey Litau, president of the Moscow Yoga Federation. In his opinion, there is nothing surprising in the fact that so many people are keen on this direction.

The Iyengar method has two major advantages, Elena Ulmasbaeva believes: “The first is accessibility. Anyone with any level of training can come to a lesson and start from the very beginning, even from the most difficult situations. No need to perform with all the same complex. The second advantage is the ability to use the body as a tool for improving the spirit. The ancient principle of "healthy mind in a healthy body" still works. " Ulmasbayeva is convinced that by practicing Iyengar yoga, everyone can achieve their goal: good health, body perfection, harmony of feelings, peace of mind. "At the same time," says Elena, "there are no contraindications for classes."

Want to do hatha yoga online?

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