Flight by plane: 12 secrets of easy travel

No matter how much time you have to spend on the plane, a couple of hours or half a day: at an altitude of several thousand meters, your body still cannot avoid overloads. The advice of our experts will help to make any flight on a plane more comfortable.

Secret 1. Choose the right place in the cabin

In economy class, not too comfortable chairs. But if you choose the right place in the cabin, you can ease your position. “Experienced travelers prefer to occupy places where there is an increased distance between the rows of seats,” says Roman Zakharov, Chief Editor of Flight Line magazine. “They are usually located near the emergency exit.” Either this is the first row in the cabin (there may be a partition in front of this, and not a chair, which seems more comfortable to many passengers). ” More information about the location of the most convenient seats in aircraft of various types can be found here.

Secret 2. Get compression knit

It is especially important in this way to prepare for flying on an airplane for those who are at risk of developing varicose veins or are already suffering from it. When you sit for a long time in the same position, the veins are squeezed, which can provoke the development of the disease.

"For those who travel frequently, I advise you to purchase special compression socks or stockings of compression class 1," says Andrei Parshukhin, Medical Advisor Ltd. "Nikamed". - They redistribute pressure to the venous walls, facilitating blood flow. To choose the size of the product, measure the volume above the ankle and under the knee. Wear such a jersey while lying down, with your legs up. ” During the flight, try a little warm up. If you cannot walk, at least move your feet: rotate them, pull the sock on and away from you, write letters or numbers in the air.

Secret 3. Take with you vasoconstrictor drops

During takeoff and landing, the walls of the auditory tube are closed, the eardrum bends and there is a feeling that it “burst” in the ear.

This problem can be easily solved if, when climbing and lowering, to suck on a lollipop, to make swallowing movements, to massage the area behind the ears or the bridge of nose. But if you are going to fly even with a minimal cold and at the same time your ears, your weak point, your measures may not be enough.

“To prevent otitis media, flush your nose and blow your nose before planting,” says Vera Plotnikova, PhD, ENT doctor of the highest category. - After that, drip vasoconstrictor drops into the nose. When digging into the right nostril, press the right ear to the right shoulder, the left nostril - the left ear to the left shoulder. Repeat the same procedure before planting. ”

Secret 4. Get enough sleep before the flight

Closed space, not too good ventilation, directed cool air from the air conditioner - all of the above is enough to get off the plane with a cold and cough. "If you do not want to become a victim of viruses circulating on board the aircraft, first of all, sleep enough before the flight," advises Natalia Nefedova, Nutritionist, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Project BODYCAMP. “A fully rested person has better immunity.” Also, in order to improve the general condition, it would be good not to eat very well 30-60 minutes before take-off, and after eating drink about 80 mg of aspirin. It will improve blood circulation during the flight and, as a result, the general condition.

Secret 5. Pay due attention to hygiene.

On the plane, try to wash your hands more often, and not just before eating. Often, without even noticing it, we bring our hands to the face, to the mouth, from here the infection quickly falls on the mucous membranes and spreads throughout the body. If you expect a long flight, take warm socks with you (wear them before bedtime so as not to catch a cold) and your own blanket.

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