"Good food". Sesame Tuna and Nisuaz Salad

Tuna from the jar resembles something between a fish fillet and chicken breast, and loses to both. Fresh tuna is another matter: you can’t call it “wet” or “sea chicken”.

Tuna steak, even deep freezing, is not cheap, and here it is important not to miss the recipe, or rather, with the method of preparation. Just a few dozen extra seconds in a skillet or under the grill - that's all, the protein coagulates, the dense dark pink flesh turns pale, becomes loose and tasteless. And indeed some kind of half-fish half-hen, and both are not at their best.

“Fried” in the case of tuna is burnt around the edges, sealed to preserve juice, nothing more. The middle should remain pink. And this, by the way, is absolutely safe - tuna can be calmly eaten raw. It’s just that frying is not on the belly, but other parts are less fatty, more fibrous, not so melting in the mouth. But they, if properly cooked, are delicious. And, of course, only with such a tuna, it makes sense to cook a wonderful salad nihuaz. And the fact that even in very pretentious restaurants, even in Nice, they strive to fill them with tuna from the banks, it’s just a shame.

Alexey Rassokha and I did everything for real, and it turned out great. Another thing that may not be at home, for example, anchovies and capers. As well as quail eggs and olives. And olive oil. And young beans. But there is yogurt and some greens. Great, you can make a yoghurt dressing (as in the second recipe) and pour over the lettuce leaves with it, and let the fish go too. It will not be no Nisa, but also very tasty. But marinating tuna in yogurt before frying, as many cookbooks recommend, is, I believe, a real nonsense.

Nisoise salad

For 2 servings:

Tuna - 200 g

String beans - 60 g

Salad leaves - 75 g

Radishes - 5 pcs.

Anchovies - 2 pcs.

Capers - 2 tbsp. l

Olives - 12 pcs.

Quail eggs - 5 pcs.

Olive oil - 2 tbsp. l

Lemon juice - 1 tbsp. l

Coarse salt, black pepper

- Fillet of tuna instantly fried in a hot frying pan on both sides.

- Green bean pods (only thin, young and tender is good) are pruned from two sides and cooked in a double boiler for no more than five minutes. So that the beans do not lose color, put it in the ice.

- Tear salad leaves in a bowl. Salad can be taken of any kind: iceberg, young and medium leaves of lettuce, and others, up to young shoots soty - sounds strange, but the taste will be great.

- Peel and cut radish in small plates, mix with salad. But it is necessary to try a radish, and each, so as not to get bitter.

- Spread anchovies on a napkin to remove excess fat.

- Boil hard-boiled quail eggs, clean and cut into round slices, not too small.

- To the salad with radish add eggs, a few capers, cut into medium-sized beans.

- Add chopped anchovies, olives, pour olive oil and lemon juice dressing and mix.

- On a plate we lay out the tuna sliced ​​in plates, next to the salad. You can decorate the salad with quail eggs poached. And pour the remaining sauce.

Tuna in sesame

2 servings

Tuna - 400 g

Sesame - 3 tbsp. l

Yogurt - 125 g

Anchovies - 4 pcs.

Chives - 10 feathers

Dill - 5 sprigs

- Lightly fry sesame in a frying pan to reveal its nutty smell. Pour sesame on a plate.

- We heat the pan more strongly and quickly fry a piece of tuna on both sides. He should stay half-baked!

- We roll tuna in sesame. It can be served whole, and can be cut into slices - in the middle they should be pink, and the thicker this pink stripe, the tastier.

- For the sauce, finely cut the greens. In a bowl, mix yogurt, finely chopped parsley, dill, green onion, slightly sliced ​​into small pieces of anchovy. Pour tuna on a plate with sauce.

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