Detox on Bakulevka: how I got rid of toxins

Pampered with the comfort and efficiency of European spas, I was not going to change them. But a friend, the wife of an oligarch, firmly said: “We are going to clean in Bakulevka! Only there you can put in order the digestive tract and get a normal detox. "

I was embarrassed and not morally ready, but I did not dare to trust the weighty marketing arguments of an old friend: we go to bed - we go to bed! The Troparevo Health and Recreation Center (better known in the world as Bakulevka) rents several floors in a sanatorium-preventorium of a plant of rare metals, not far from the Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station. The place, I must say, is quite comfortable, with a beautiful park and the preserved atmosphere of a prestigious Soviet holiday home: an abundance of carpets, artificial palm trees and plush curtains.

The course of cleaning the body is designed for five days. At the request of patients, it is carried out from Friday to Tuesday. For very busy people, the time is quite appropriate: on Friday things are completed, then two weekends, on Monday the business is only swinging, and on Tuesday you are already in a position to take up responsibilities. If the client is needed by the country (yes, that’s right!), He is allowed to leave for a short while and then continue the procedures.

The ideologue and organizer of this program is Lyudmila Vitalevna Pokornaya, cardiologist and iridodiagnost. Lyudmila Vitalievna has more than ten years of experience behind her. And a convincing result - anyone who has ever tried a detox on Bakulevka, subsequently trusts himself only on her. “Sasha, Natasha, Olga” - this is how she addresses visitors, regardless of their age and status. And among the clients there are deputies of the State Duma (everywhere accompanied by omnipresent security guards), businesswomen and businessmen, wives of the powerful, world mayors of large Russian cities, and even guests from abroad. And everyone likes this kind of ease.

First day

So, detox. Together with the room key I was given a cup of polyphepan and a cup of oatmeal broth - the process has begun. Lyudmila Vitalevna invited me to her office, weighed and made a diagnosis. The accuracy with which she described my condition was amazing. “Wow,” I thought, “the same thing was told to me after weekly examinations by a gastroenterologist, phlebologist, neuropathologist, urologist — a serious council.” Then I went down to the water treatment floor. In the sauna, at a cozy large table, all the “cleaning comrades” gather. Here are shared daily sensations and life experiences. Food — and from that day on, incomplete came into force — is by no means a forbidden topic of conversation. We drank - some fresh squeezed juice, some dogrose broth - we talked, sat in the sauna, then stopped for an underwater massage shower and also for a regular general massage.

Not very pleasant accompaniment to these actions that are quite easy for the body - with herbs and lemon juice. Yes, the Esmarkh mug and a lot of jars in the room are my faithful companions for the whole four days. In the breaks, if there is a desire, you can walk in the park, stare at the TV, read, finally.

Second day

Looks like the first. In the morning - charging. Solid, on or Norbekova, with elements and. Inspiring. Then I was again surrounded by care: they made masks in the sauna, watered them with juice until 3:00 pm. Then came the first preparatory tubage - cleaning the liver. Actually, this is the quintessence of the course. The event is not easy, without medical supervision it is not recommended.

The third day

Chief in the program. It falls on a Sunday, it is not necessary to schedule meetings for this day. Juices and drinks - until 15.00, then homeopathy plus choleretic collection. In the evening, after seven, they brought me a glass of olive oil and a glass of lemon juice. Affectionately asked to drink. Not rushed, praised for courage. After that, a heating pad was tied to the right side. For three hours I lay, and the liver worked. The result of the subsequent enema produced a strong psychological effect. After her, I repeated the spell: “Never, never again will I eat! And I will not take alcohol! Sun, air and water! ”

Fourth day

Difficult. I do not want to eat at all, the body feels weak. The procedures are repeated, but, despite the perception nebula, I suddenly notice that the belt on the dressing gown has to be wrapped around the waist twice, and the sweatpants threaten to get lost in the corridor. The obvious weight loss without the sagging of body parts that have got rid of fat returns vigor and joy. We are looking at each other with our “colleagues” in detox and we chuckle approvingly.

Fifth day

Extract. They put on the scales again - 4 kg as never happened (the same miracle, plus or minus a kilogram, happens to everyone). Although the weight adjustment is not the main feature of the program. Lyudmila Vitalyevna again carries out diagnostics and gives detailed recommendations for the next life.

I did not say goodbye to Bakulevka. Every "cleansed" keeps without alcohol and heavy meals, depending on willpower and life circumstances. Many, and I am not an exception, begin to gain time in their busy schedule to come to the detox again. How often to repeat this procedure, everyone decides for himself. There are enthusiasts who visit the center on the "South-West" once a quarter. For myself, I decided that I would clean the body in early spring and late autumn. How, in fact, Bakulevka experts recommend residents of the metropolis.

Cost of: 28 thousand rubles. (adjusted slightly).

Procedures over cleaning course (beautician, permanent makeup, etc.) - on request.

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