Popular dishes that will ruin your figure

“I'm on a diet, ordering something light,” says a friend with whom we meet in a cafe. And then he nods to the waiter: "I, please, Caesar and a portion of cheese soup." Guess what she does wrong? The same question I asked nutritionists to find out which popular restaurant menu dishes are contraindicated for losing weight.

Taking a salad instead of french fries or a serving of latte instead of lemonade seems quite reasonable if we are watching the figure. Meanwhile, many popular restaurant meals and drinks (at least in its classic version) are completely unsuitable for weight-reducing diets. Which ones?

Caesar salad"

It is easy to explain its popularity in losing weight: the main ingredients of the dish - lettuce leaves, chicken breast, cherry tomatoes - are included in the list of almost any diet. Croutons (made from high-grade wheat flour and fried in garlic oil) and dressing are breaking this “idyll”. "It is in the classic recipe of" Caesar "consists of mustard, Worcester sauce, egg yolk and olive oil," recalls Anna Korobkina, sports nutritionist at the Metabolic Coaching Nutrition Center. - But this option is quite difficult to find in the restaurant menu. Most often, the dish is seasoned with mayonnaise-based sauce, which, in addition to excess calories, also contains dangerous trans fats. ”

What to do? Ask the waiter to serve the sauce separately and, if its composition is far from the classic, simply do not season the dish. And if you still leave croutons on the edge of the plate, then you can easily “save” 250-300 kcal in total - you will agree, there is a lot to those who are trying to lose weight. No desire to "wise"? Order another salad - "Caprese" or "Nicoise."

Cheese soup

I will not retell lectures on the benefits of soups: I am sure that in childhood you had heard them from parents, and in adulthood from nutritionists. However, restaurant cheese soup does not concern all this. "First, thickeners are often added to it — flour and starch, which are not dietary products,” says Vasily Yurasov, PhD, Deputy Director for Medical Affairs of the Independent Laboratory INVITRO. - Secondly, in cheese soups, very often, for consistency, they use processed cheese instead of regular cheese. And they, unlike solid varieties, are absorbed faster by the body and often contain many emulsifiers, preservatives and food additives. ”

What to do? Alas, choose another item in the menu. For example, soup in vegetable or fish broth.

Warm rolls

They are usually cooked in tempura batter (a mixture of cornmeal and wheat flour), and this circumstance makes the dish unsuitable for those who want to be in shape. “The main enemy for the figure in our diet is“ bad ”carbohydrates, refined products, which are very quickly and 100% absorbed by the body, reminds Vasily Yurasov. - A batter is flour, which is the very “bad carbohydrate” with a high glycemic index (GI). The same goes for white rice used in all sushi and rolls. ”

Frying a dish in large amounts of oil (which, most likely, do not change often) does not make it more useful for the figure, as we have already mentioned.

What to do? The option to abandon the warm rolls in favor of the "cold" (prepared without using batter), as you already understood, is also not suitable for losing weight. Therefore, if you really want Japanese food, it is better to make a choice in favor of sashimi.


Thick, nutritious, filled with vitamins of fruits and vegetables - it would seem, what a trick to expect from this drink? And there are two of them here at once! One of them is associated with its composition (often smoothies, especially restaurants, contain a lot of sugar), the other - with the wrong way to use. Many people order these thick cocktails in addition to the main dish, seeing them as ordinary drinks like tea or juice, which you can drink an already substantial lunch. This approach almost always leads to overeating, stretching of the stomach and overdoing with calories.

What to do? First, to perceive smoothies as an independent meal (for example, a second breakfast). Secondly, give preference to vegetable mixtures. “Even if the cocktail was not specially sweetened, the fruit drink will still contain a lot of fructose, which, by the way, after grinding the products in a blender, will be absorbed faster than from fresh, unprocessed fruit,” Vasily Yurasov reminds. And, of course, you should not drink a smoothie in one gulp (why - you can find out here).


Actually coffee in this drink is negligible. Much more oily milk froth and sugar. In short, the perfect combination for weight gain. "In response to the intake of sugar into the body, the pancreas instantly produces insulin," recalls Alexey Kovalkov, nutritionist, best-selling author of “Minus size”. “Fat cells always remain sensitive to this hormone and actively absorb fats under its influence.” How much weight loss is there!

What to do? As a minimum, do not sweeten the drink, as a maximum - ask him to prepare it with low-fat milk (but then do not expect air foam). Alternatively, you can order a cappuccino under the same conditions and dispense with sweet additives like syrups, marshmallows, etc.

However, for all these rules there is an exception. “The process of losing weight is stress for the body and mind,” says Vasily Yurasov. - Do not completely deprive yourself of what brings you pleasure. Once a week, you can afford your favorite dishes, so as not to feel deprived and not to get lost. If possible, eat them in the morning. "

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