How to do fitness when you are breastfeeding

Will the taste of milk and its quantity change, will the breast be injured, how comfortable will physical exercise be for the nursing mother in general? We learned all the answers. We tell how to properly train when you are breastfeeding.

Let's start with the most important thing. Fitness classes will not affect either the quality or the amount of breast milk. Its taste and smell will remain unchanged, so the concerns about the failure of the crumbs from the breast are absolutely groundless. "At one time it was believed that lactic acid, which is formed during sports, can penetrate into the milk," says Irina Karshina, gynecologist. - It was believed that lactic acid in high concentrations can adversely affect the health of the baby or cause him to refuse the breast. Modern research has dispelled this myth. Measurement of lactic acid in the milk of mothers-athletes showed that the increase in the concentration of this substance in it is insignificant. It affects neither the taste of milk, nor its smell, nor the health of the crumbs. ” The rest of the right to organize sports activities will help our advice.

* Choose comfortable sportswear. Do not save on top for fitness. It should be made of thick fabric, which fixes well and holds the breast. When fitting, move, jump or run - ideally, the chest should remain motionless. During fitness classes, use pads for the chest, so you will avoid the “leakage” of milk.

* Adjust the mode of feeding. As long as the baby neglects any of your attempts to make at least an approximate feeding schedule, it will not be easy to plan the sports loads. "It is better to do after feeding, because during training the tides of milk are possible," says Ksenia Chernova, group fitness programs group instructor for the Territory of Fitness clubs.

* Decide on the type of physical activity. Let's start with the most important thing - you should like the type of fitness you choose. Positive emotions are beneficial to you and your baby. For obvious reasons, you need to abandon those sports where there is a risk of injury to the chest. This, above all, all martial arts. In priority - classes that will help strengthen the muscles of the back and correct the posture, for example, Pilates. After pregnancy is very important. Aerobic exercise of medium intensity will also be suitable: swimming, walking, exercise bike.

* Set the correct goal. While you feed the baby, you can not reduce the calorie content of your diet. Otherwise, you will undermine your health. Therefore, to engage in fitness in order to lose weight in this situation is not the best idea. During lactation, sport is needed to maintain physical fitness in general, so as not to lose muscle mass. After completing breastfeeding, you will be able to "dry" a little and gain beautiful muscular relief.

* Choose the right exercises. “First of all, exclude from your habitual complex those that are performed lying on your stomach,” says Ksenia Chernova. “Excess pressure on the mammary glands can cause discomfort, and sometimes even stagnation in the milk ducts.” During lactation, caution should be taken to any exercises on the pectoral muscles. This can cause the formation of milk during exercise, and with large weights - muscle spasm, followed by stagnation in the ducts of the breast. Too intense loads on the spine, such as exercises with weight on the shoulders, are also undesirable.

* Observe drinking mode. Starting to do fitness, many lactating women notice that in the days of sports loads there is less milk. “This is due to the fact that training provokes increased sweating,” explains Irina Karshina. - And with a lack of fluid in the body, milk is produced less. To avoid this, drink during the day and during physical activity. After class, the loss of fluid will help unsweetened compote of dried fruit. "

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