New season on TV channel "LIVE!"

Friends, on Monday, September 17, 2012, on the channel “LIVE!” The new season starts. This time we prepared a lot of new products, so that in the fall you would not have to be bored in front of the TV.

From this Monday on the TV channel “LIVE!” You practically will not see repetitions of old programs. We tried to find the most talented instructors with the most interesting disciplines and remove as many new complexes and classes of the programs already familiar to you as possible in order to update our broadcast as much as possible.

We are very pleased to offer you nine new airings at once:

- "Qigong" with Vlad Markin

- “Problem areas. Express course " with Oksana Yashankina and Ilya Mizgiryov

- "Piloks" with Elena Soghomonyan

- "Lady Dance" with Ekaterina Dyomkina

- "Yoga. Second Stage with Ravi Kumar and Inna Vidgof

- “Lose weight with Marina Korpan. Express course "

- “Healthy back” with Tatiana Lisitskaya

- “Yoga therapy. Healthy spine " with Tatiana Dudina

- "Kundalini Yoga for beginners" with Alexey Shelyakov

In addition, two long-familiar programs have new instructors. So, “Pilates” will now be led by Alexander and Irina Freylakh, and “Modern Dances” - by Valentina Sokolova.

And of course, you are waiting for new video complexes of popular disciplines:

- "Yogalates" with Alena Mordovina

- "Fit-mix" with Leonid Zaitsev

- "Boditonik" with Olga Yanchuk and Alexander Mironenko

- Belly Dance with Svetlana Abu-Hardan

- “Breathing Practices” with Stanislav Rogachev

- "Fitness Mom" ​​with Svetlana Litvinova

-"Fitness for the face" with Alena Rossoshinskaya

- Fit-bo with Alexey Vasilenko

Culinary video recipes “Good food”

And of course, we did not overlook the topic of healthy eating. In the second season of the program "Good food" You will find not only excellent culinary video recipes, but also meetings with interesting guests: a historian of Russian cuisine, an allergist, a rabbi, a geneticist, a specialist in feng shui, and many others.

Of course, absolutely everything that ever went on the TV channel “LIVE!”, You can still watch online in our fitness video libraryWatch and practice with “LIVE!”!

Want to do fitness at home?

Choose your favorite fitness training program and work out online under the guidance of instructors "LIVE!"

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