Dance educational program of Ilya Vyaltsev: middle school house

How house became house, who first began to dance like that, and what the main trick of style is in my post today.

In the late 80s, the house finally moved to a separate area with the original name. In the 90s, the movement acquired a truly universal scale. House was everywhere - from home kitchens to major clubs. Began battles and festivals. Accordingly, their stars appeared. I don’t have exact information about this, but people who could tell something are confused in testimony. And I will not confuse you. Let's go straight to the basics.

The basics

So, the main movements of the house of the 90s are: salsa, salsa hop, crosswalk, crossroads. To understand what this is, listen: 2 in a room, Adonis, Joe Smooth, Mr. Lee.

For whom

But again, for everyone who loves house, he cannot sit still at the disco, funk in a mix with hip-hop rhymes, and just for those who want to be in the subject.

Personal experience

I have already said that I returned to the house back in 2005 (). I was one of the first Russian dancers who began to dance exactly house. In 2006 he even took the second place in the championship, which was held in the Moscow club “Mio”. I think that I took second place undeservedly, at least I was better dressed than the winner.

House is a kind of mix of afro and tap dance. At first glance, repeating complex movements seems unreal. Because the feet of the dancers simply do not stop and “knead” the dance floor with wild speed. Do not be scared! . Everything is comprehended through practice. The more you practice, the faster and more skillful you are. In the meantime, you practice, I will write to you about the house of the 2000s. Follow the posts and dance more!

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