Alena Mordovina: "Write letters to your subconscious!"

I recently attended a psycho-training session, visiting which one of my favorite hobbies is, and I learned that you can write letters to your subconscious mind. What it is and whether the magic recipe has worked, I will tell you today.

We are interested in our fate to be well. But many of our habits and reactions to life situations are destructive, such as anger, envy. How to change the stereotype of thinking and improve the quality of life, without applying violence to yourself, without breaking yourself? The quote from the movie “Queen of the gas station” is close to me: “Did you change the dream?” - “No, I changed the dream”. We can try to apply it in life, changing habits. To do this, there are tools such as awareness and positive thinking. As well as affirmations (from the Latin. Affirmation - “confirmation”) are short phrases containing positive statements and attitudes. It is said that repeatedly repeated and written affirmations can reach the subconscious and thus change life for the better.

There are rules for writing affirmations.

- The phrase should not be abstract. Write in the present tense as if it were happening to you now.

- Avoid the “not” particle.

- The phrase should be succinct, short and very understandable to you.

- Affirmations cannot be read mechanically, you must believe that what is written is already happening to you at the moment.

There is a theory that if you write one affirmation 100 times, then it will be directly recorded in our subconscious. I checked - and it worked! I spent only 15 minutes at the same time, but confidence in myself and my strength increased by 99%!

Here is how it was. Recently, I had an accident, small but unpleasant. While waiting for the police, I mentally wrote letters ... to my subconscious. Rather, one phrase: "I am a good driver." A month has passed, and so far there have been no incidents on the road. It may be a coincidence, but I still believe that my letters reached the “addressee”. Try giving yourself a positive attitude and, of course, share your experience!

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