Exercises for the face: when they are more harm than good

We already know about the advantages of the popular method of natural restoration of beauty and youth, called face fitness. It is said and written about him a lot. But exercises for the face are harmful. Tell us why.

It is no secret that cosmetologists are critical of the currently popular method of rejuvenation with the help of special exercises for the face. As an argument, doctors cite numerous stories of their patients, who have to save themselves from the consequences of practicing face fitness. But at the same time, experts recognize that gymnastics can be useful. “With the help of exercises, it is theoretically possible to bring the skin into a light tone, to intensify its blood supply, thereby improving the complexion,” Elena Dobrogorskaya, cosmetologist, dermatovenerologist, trichologist of Premium Aesthetics clinic of aesthetic medicine. - It is possible to correct ptosis, increase the tissue turgor, slightly smooth out wrinkles and folds. Due to improved drainage through the lymphatic system, the edema is well corrected. Face fitness can be an alternative to lymphatic drainage and lifting techniques, some care procedures and types of mesotherapy. To some extent, exercise can replace botulinum therapy, at least - to postpone Botox injections for a later time. But a positive effect can be achieved only if the plan of exercises is drawn up individually and it will take into account all the features of the muscular system of a particular person. ”

When face fitness doesn't help

According to our expert, there are a number of changes that cannot be corrected by practicing face fitness. This is a clear asymmetry of the face, insufficient tissue volume with significant ptosis, fine wrinkles, pronounced wrinkles of the forehead and eyebrows. Gymnastics can not be an alternative to procedures aimed at leveling skin texture, treatment of rosacea and pigmentation. Unable to facefacial with lifting anti-age techniques - hardware, thread, contour plastic surgery and plastic surgery.

Exercises for the face: what is their main danger

Why do so many women practicing face fitness do not achieve the desired effect, or, even worse, get it with a minus sign. “The fact is that each of us has muscles that need to be either toned up or relaxed,” explains Elena Dobrogorskaya. - Some muscles are in hypertonia and create an excessive load, muscle distortions and wrinkles, cause tension headaches - they need to be relaxed. And the groups of other muscles, on the contrary, are in the hypotonia and are the cause of sagging of the tissues - in this case their tone should be increased. Therefore, a set of exercises for each of us must be made individually. The main danger of gymnastics for the face is in its standardization, when women with completely different problems and peculiarities are engaged in the group according to the program of standard exercises.

Add to this the quality of training of most “gurus” of face fitness, who claim that they can create a dream face in a month if you diligently carry out a set of typical exercises. As we have already written, the state of the tissues of the face depends largely on the cervical and thoracic spine, on whether there are clips in the intervertebral discs, whether there are spinal distortions associated with hyper- or hypotonic muscle. “Nowadays, practically you will not meet people with a healthy musculoskeletal system,” says Elena Dobrogorskaya. - I think that a competent osteopath can better improve your face than a face fitness coach. Professionals in this area of ​​the unit. A good specialist should be a little manual therapist who knows the structure of the joints and muscles, a little osteopath who understands how muscle innervation occurs and how lymphatic drainage goes. The instructor should be able to visually mark the asymmetry, the pathological patterns of muscle work, correct them, choosing the right exercises. ”

According to our expert, the most risky exercises are those associated with intense tension of a certain muscle group. For example, when it is required to move the corners of the mouth downwards, this provokes the formation of lip-like wrinkles. Or if you need to strain the circular muscle of the eye. Perhaps someone such exercises and shown, but not the fact that it is for you. At the same time, self-massage of the face and neck along the lymphatic vessels in the direction of the lymph nodes, from the center to the periphery, is completely safe. Useful exercises from exercise therapy for the neck and thoracic. If the muscles in these zones are relaxed, then drainage through the lymphatic vessels from the facial tissues is more active. And this is an effective prevention of swelling and unhealthy complexion.

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