Fitness for gardeners from Tatyana Lisitskaya

For many, the beginning of the summer season means not only returning to favorite beds, but also a aching pain in the back, knees, and shoulders. How to protect yourself and what exercises you can do right on the site? Here are some tips gardeners and gardeners.

First of all, try to keep your back warm, because spring heat is deceptive and the wind is still cool. Wear a warm woolen belt at the lower back, for back problems, it is better to use elastic. It is best to work with the ground in special rubber gloves. Under them you can wear thin wool gloves, because the joints do not like hypothermia. Cold worsens circulation. And poor circulation is a disturbed metabolism.

Delving into the garden, try to change the position more often in order to maintain the correct body position. If you stand for a long time leaning toward the ground, you can overload the spine, especially the lumbar region. Hence the pain in the back.

Long kneeling can make your knees ache. In order not to injure them, it is better to use a small bench with pads, stuffed with foam rubber. When trimming the bushes, try to stand in a lunge - one leg in front, the other on a low bench. Do not carry the weight of the body on one leg, try to stand straight so that the weight of the body is distributed evenly. This will relieve the lumbar spine.

Be careful when cutting the branches of fruit trees. Do not tilt your head too high, as this can lead to a pinch in the cervical spine. And then, in this position, the muscles of the back and abdomen relax, you can lose your balance and fall.

While you work, you can do light fitness. For example, to do a stretching exercise: lean on a tree trunk with your hands, flatten the shoulder blades and stretch your shoulders. Then press your back to the trunk, straighten your back, stretch your head upwards. Several deep breathing cycles, and you can again get to work!

Try to make such pauses every hour. Walk, stretch, squat, slowly twist the torso to the right, then to the left. You can rest your hands on a tree and do pushups. Remember a couple of your favorite habitual exercises. The main thing is not to overdo it to dizziness. Have a nice holiday!

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