Alena Mordovina about salty ears, bears and northern roots of yoga

Continuing the fitness marathon “Live with pleasure!”, We, together with Stas Rogachev, set off to share the experience with Perm citizens.

Our plane landed in Perm at 6.00 am local time. Stas did not let us fall asleep on the plane all night and was pleased, drawing friendly caricatures right in his phone. In every hole of the air, the hand twitched, and a very funny portrait was obtained.

I always wanted to visit Perm and see the Kama River. There is a theory that the roots of yoga and Sanskrit lie in the northern regions of our country and the Aryans brought this culture to India. One of the proofs of this theory is the left tributary of the Volga, the Kama River, more precisely, its name is the word from Sanskrit.

Representatives of the cable operator ER-Telecom, who organized our event, met us at the airport and immediately told us about local sights. They advised to see a monument to the symbol of the city - a bear that needs to rub its nose, and another one - with the funny name “Permyak Salty Ears”, fulfilling desires, if you rub these very ears. Just give me something to rub, I really like folk beliefs, so Stas and I went in search. First we found a bear, just in case I not only wiped my nose, but also rubbed my ears. We already searched for “salty ears” specifically, considering it our duty to rub them too.

We walked stubbornly, despite the fact that it was already night and it was getting pretty cool, and reached the goal. Then I asked Stas if he made a wish by touching his ears. And he replied: “I put my head in it when I was taking pictures, and the energy of luck automatically flowed.”

Our event was held in a large modern fitness club "Colosseum". I was fascinated by all the participants of the master classes, who were not too lazy to come specially to work with us. But you could sleep, after all, Saturday morning!

I enjoyed working with people at a yogalates workshop. They gave only 40 minutes to the performance, but there was such a return from the audience that I didn’t want to finish the lesson. Stas had to show me with signs that the time was up: "Zigel, tsigel, ah-lu-liu!".

We were lucky: on the night of our stay in Perm there was a night sale. I was most pleased with the funny gift shop, I could not resist and bought a souvenir there. I was impressed by the way this gift was packed - in the style of a parcel with a wax seal and a wish “Good luck, happiness, health!”.

We are happy to come to Perm again!

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