Marina Korpan: "They lost weight before my eyes"

When I returned from Bavaria, I recall the wonderful German architecture, the picturesque lakes and mountains, and the girls from my group: they worked hard and achieved the first results by the middle of the tour.

I liked Bavaria very much: nature, friendly people, and painted houses with small neat balconies in flowers. Using the time for excursions to the fullest, we explored the historic center of Munich, Innsbruck and Neuschwanstein Castle, and I also had time to look into Salzburg and Wemding, where I felt like Alice in Wonderland. It’s not for nothing that we gathered with the whole family to go to the same region: I always dreamed of celebrating the New Year somewhere in Europe, and Germany last week won my heart completely and irrevocably.

The girls who came to work with me on the system oksisayz, struck no less. Despite the fact that ten people before the trip did not engage in respiratory weight loss systems, everyone got involved in the training process, quickly got comfortable, and on the third day I found out that they just lose weight before my eyes! And this is despite the fact that after active walks and excursions we came to the hotel to have dinner only around nine in the evening and often allowed ourselves to forget about proper nutrition. Abdomen, thighs - oxysize spared extra volumes. The power load was greater than in the exercises of body flex, because in this system special breathing and exercise are performed simultaneously. But, despite the difficulty of the respiratory system - three “before-inhalation” and three “before-exhalation” are especially hard - the girls coped.

My next tour is a fitness weekend in the Moscow region, which will be held from September 23 to September 26. At this time, we will lose weight by the improved bodyflex scheme, which is more physiological and effective than the American original. I will explain to each participant in the class all the subtleties of the breathing technique and select individual exercises for problem areas. Taking care of your body is necessary not only before the start of the beach season: if you start working on yourself now, then you don’t have to torture yourself with marathons and diets, which in a hurry are unlikely to give you good results.

From my first fitness weekend I love to go to Fiesta Park. There you can walk among the oaks and pines, breathe fresh air, swim in the pool - in general, enjoy your time. Come and if the family does not let go, take your children with you, your husbands - for example, I do that. While we will be engaged, approaching with each inhalation and exhalation to the figure of your dreams, they will surely find something to do when they gather in good company: we became friends with many participants in previous tours and weekends. Waiting for you!

What: Fitness weekend "Bodyflex - Lose Weight with Marina Korpan."

Where: Hotel Fiesta Park, Moscow region.

When: September 23 - 26.

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