"Good food". Light Caesar Salad and Homemade Mayonnaise

Properly cooked "Caesar" - quite a light and healthy salad. And in this homemade mayonnaise, unlike industrial, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Caesar Salad is officially recognized as the greatest contribution that America made in the twentieth century to world cuisine. But in general, the story cost him strange: incredibly famous and at the same time incredibly compromised.

Rarely in what roadside buffet will you find this dish, and almost certainly it will be something terrible. For example, such a grocery set: Chinese cabbage, smoked chicken and Lithuanian semi-hard cheese called "Parmesan".

Or another extreme: in American institutions they like to bring a giant plate with a mountain of food, which is based on, in general, "Caesar", but as if coated with bonuses from all sides: from steep eggs, olives and inevitable, like dawn, cherry tomatoes whole anchovies and slices of fried bacon. Meanwhile, "Caesar" was invented as something laconic to the limit, from the series "porridge from an ax."

The story is this: an American citizen Caesar Cardini kept a family restaurant in the town of Tijuana, which is on the other side of the Mexican border, - this was a way to get around dry law. Naturally, some kind of snack was served there, but once (the date was fixed: July 4, 1924, Independence Day) in the evening many visitors came (“people from Hollywood” - perhaps this detail arose later, for beauty), and the food was not it was at all. The owner went to the kitchen, scratched the bottom of the barrel and prepared a salad of what was.

Classic Caesar Salad according to Caesar Cardini recipe

- Salad bowl lightly rub garlic.

- A small head of lettuce romano disassemble the leaves, wash, dry, large tear hands. Neutral Romano (Roman salad) - the only one that is suitable for "Caesar". Other types of green salad are either too tender and therefore strive to soak in sauce and get wet (like lettuce), or too rough and inappropriate crispy (like an iceberg), or have an intense flavor of their own.

- Cut off the crust from stale white bread (anyone, but initially it was, apparently, ciabatta). Cut the crumb into small cubes (centimeter per centimeter, not more) and dry in a griddle or in the oven. If you adhere to the theory of separate food or just count calories, remove croutons.

- Ready croutons (rusks) can be lightly grated with garlic and / or peppered with dried spicy greens (oregano, parsley, rosemary). A slight Italian accent is inevitable and appropriate - Cardini was an American only in the first generation.

- Hold a very fresh egg (not older than four days) in boiling water for a minute. Or 10 minutes at a temperature of 60 degrees (steamed eggs - not soft-boiled and not in the bag, but something average). But it is better, of course, to take quail eggs (3 pieces correspond to one chicken) - they are considered dietary until 14 days and generally tastier, just in Mexico of the 30s this delicacy was not in vogue. Quail eggs to grab, you need significantly less than a minute.

- Carefully beat the shells, select the contents with a spoon, rub until smooth, add a couple of drops of olive oil and a drop of Worcestershire (also known as Woostershire) sauce. This is not believe, and there is an original sauce, "Caesar", and even they salad is dressed rather sparingly.

- With regard to anchovies: they are in a homeopathic dose contained in Worcester sauce (not themselves, of course, but their fermented extract - the so-called fish sauce). True, Alex Cardini, Caesar's brother, later added anchovies (this version is called Aviator Salad), but Caesar was against it.

- An absolutely necessary component is parmigiano: several translucent chips.

But the proportions for the three different "Caesars" from Roman Suvorov:

Caesar salad recipe classic

For 3 servings:

Romano salad - 1 medium head

Parmesan - 60 g

Stale croutons - 40 g

Garlic - 1 clove

Sauce - 40-50 g

Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe

For 3 servings:

Romano Salad - 1 headed

Chicken fillet - 200 g

Sauce - 90-100 g

Parmesan - 60 g

Croutons - 60 g

Marinade for fillet:

Mustard - 2 tsp.

Garlic - 1 large clove

Salt and pepper to taste

"Caesar salad with shrimps

For 3 servings:

Romano Salad - 1 headed

Peeled prawns cooked in their own juice with parsley - 200 g

Or unpeeled tiger shrimps - 500 g

Sauce - 40-50 g

Parmesan - 60 g

Croutons - 60 g

Everything is prepared, in principle, the same, only for a salad with chicken sauce you need a little more. And finally, the sauce recipe:

How to cook sauce for the salad "Caesar"

For 3 servings:

Homemade mayonnaise - 60 g

Eastarshire sauce - 3 g

Garlic - 1 g

Parmesan - 5 g

Lemon juice - 1 tsp.

Mustard sweet - 5 g

Capers - 5 g

The main thing in this whole story is homemade mayonnaise.

Homemade mayonnaise

Olive oil - 0.8 l

Quail eggs - 16 pcs.

Or chicken eggs - 2 pcs.

Sugar - 3 g

Salt to taste

Lemon juice

Mustard sweet - 15 g

Warm water - 100 ml

- Beat eggs with a mixer until fluffy foam.

- Continuing to mix, pour out half the oil in a thin stream, stop the mixer and add all the other ingredients.

- Start the mixer and add the remaining oil. This is a delicate moment: mayonnaise should not exfoliate. During the recording of the program, we used a mixer with a special plastic nozzle for mixing sauces. Theoretically, everything should turn out with the usual whisk. As Jeeves Wooster said in such cases: “Experience, sir!”

- Gradually add salt and lemon juice, constantly trying.

The result is a fair amount of delicious mayonnaise, thick, but not heavy, does not compare with white chemical filth, which is made incomprehensibly from what. Of course, you can cook less. Homemade mayonnaise can be stored in the refrigerator for a week; in the next issues of “Good Food”, Roman Suvorov will demonstrate what other sauces can be made based on it.

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