On TV channel "LIVE!" a new discipline appeared - "Qi Gong" with Vlad Markin. “Every day we cleanse the body of pollution: we take a shower, wash our hands. Qigong does the same thing only with internal organs, ”says Vlad.

Qigong literally means "working with qi", that is, with our vital energy. Vlad Markin is sure that those who regularly practice qigong quickly become more healthy and calm.

“There are several areas of qigong, including combat. Once, monks, practicing in combat qigong, acquired extraordinary abilities. They smashed the stone walls with a blow, and their body became so hard that knives and spears could not pierce it. But we will deal with the wellness, or, as it is also called, therapeutic qigong. Practicing it can also achieve amazing results, ”explains Vlad.

Wellness qigong

The healing effect of qigong is explained by the ancient Eastern theory of chang-fu. According to her, each organ of a person corresponds to a certain point on the body. Influencing it, it is possible to influence a state of health of body. Also in the body there are meridians - ways in which qi energy is constantly circulating. If somewhere the energy stagnates, then organs related to this meridian begin to suffer. “The goal of practice is the free flow of chi in the body,” says Markin. - Qigong harmonizes all systems of the body, but the effect of each person’s classes is different. Someone becomes stronger, someone gets rid of pain and ailments, and someone helps Qigong to become more confident. ”

By the way, Vlad advises everyone who practices Qigong to remove jewelry from themselves before class. “After all, on the arms, neck and ears there are a lot of points along which energy passes. Metal objects can change the trajectory of its movement, ”he explains.

Classes will include static postures and dynamic exercises, breathing practices and meditations. “After active motor practices, I will definitely give relaxation exercises. Because too much energy is also bad, ”explains the instructor. Also you are waiting for meditations aimed at concentration of attention and interruption of the internal dialogue. “After all, a mental conversation with oneself takes 80% of our vital energy every day,” says Markin.

The course consists of 15 lessons of 50 minutes.

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