What is me-moment and how to create it

How often do you manage to be alone with yourself? In order to spend the evening at home, there are a lot of attractive moments: you can completely relax, dream, do your own beauty and put your own thoughts in order. Try to find every day at least half an hour at me-moment - the time that you devote only to yourself, without thinking about any matters. These moments can be the most pleasant time of the day, if properly approached to their organization.

Plan ahead

First, determine the time for your me-moments. Usually it is better to arrange them in the evening, after work, meetings and daily chores. Make it so that in these pleasant moments you are not distracted by thoughts about minor routine tasks that are waiting for you. Let me-moments be a sort of reward for a timely submitted report, an apartment given in perfect order, and so on - after all, it is more pleasant to relax with a clear conscience, knowing that all day cares are over and you can devote all your time to your little pleasures.

Create an atmosphere

It is important that during me-moments you like the environment that surrounds you. It is unlikely that you will be able to completely relax on the couch on which clothes are scattered. Clean up the room in advance, remove it from the table in the kitchen so that you don’t even dare creep into your consciousness: “Oh, then wash the dishes ...” - it will ruin everything. Dim the room lights and light candles, turn on your favorite music, brew herbal tea - create an atmosphere in which you will be pleased to be.

To get even more pleasure at this moment will help aromatic oils. Get a beautiful aroma lamp and buy 5-6 bottles of essential oils. It is better to choose them in pharmacies or in specialized stores to avoid diluted formulations. Lavender, patchouli, ylang-ylang will help to relax, and bergamot, orange and cinnamon, on the contrary, will invigorate and cheer up.

Make a list

Preparing for me-moment, you can make a list of what you would like to do alone with yourself. Such lists help to concentrate and get from the depths of consciousness that which you always seem to want to do, but forget, or you simply did not have enough time. To do this, you can have a special beautiful notebook and a fountain pen, so that drawing up a pleasant list becomes another ritual.

The more items on your list that you don’t want to tell anyone about (for example, to revise Sex and the City for the fifteenth time), the better you coped with the task. Let there be items that combine business with pleasure: for example, plan a trip to Venice, choose a play and order tickets, tidy up home flowers, finally read a long-donated book, learn how to balance in a tree pose, and so on.

Do you want to make up the toenails in all the colors of the rainbow? You are welcome! Disassemble last year's photos from the seaside resort? Finally there is time for that! Even if you want to lie on the couch and just dream - do not deny yourself the pleasure, it is at these moments that you have every right to dolce far niente - sweet idle doing, sung by the ancient Roman poets.

Be beautiful

Even alone with yourself you definitely need to stay beautiful and like yourself in the mirror. A new dress usually cheers us up by several points at once. Therefore, for your me-moment, do not wear an old T-shirt or a bathrobe that has long lost its shape Choose a beautiful homemade dress, lace shirt or silk pajamas.

Me-moment can be easily combined with beauty rituals. Nowhere can you dream as well as in a hot bubble bath. There you can also make facials and hair masks, massage hands and feet, use a scrub - in general, arrange a small spa at home. Well, after, wrapped in a fluffy terry robe, relax on the couch with a cup of herbal tea and something tasty and tender - for example, Danissimo cottage cheese. Evening is no reason to deny yourself the pleasure when there is Danissimo!

What you will do during your me-moments, of course, depends only on your preferences. The rule is one: do only what brings you pleasure.

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