We bake healthy bread at home: a wellness loaf recipe in 20 minutes

English nutritionists have found that bread with slices of tomatoes helps control appetite much better than normal. And I was once again glad that I can bake healthy bread at home.

The most satisfying bread: with tomatoes

News about bread with tomatoes came from the University of Reading. Seventeen participants in the experiment, aged 18 to 35, were asked to rate the richness of three soft cheese sandwiches, for which they used three types of bread: plain, carrot and tomato. It turned out that after a sandwich with tomato bread, volunteers had a feeling of satiety for the longest time. The authors of the study believe that the whole thing is in lycopene: it seems that this antioxidant acts on our appetite sleepy. The question is, why not try to bake such bread at home?

I admit at once: I am a fan of bread. I keep track of interesting news in bakeries and supermarkets. I collect vintage kitchen utensils, labels, vintage postcards, funny pictures on the bread theme. For me, the main deli in the world is not at all couturier chef Jamie Oliver, not Gordon Ramsay and not even Delia Smith, but the bakery star from London, Den Lepard, by the way, an ex-photographer with Australian roots. Under his talented online tutorial, I even managed to bake an entirely edible Italian focaccia and French baguette at home. One of the most vivid memories in life is how once the Irishman taught me to cook real Irish bread (the truth was, it was in Moscow). And the most bready place on earth is Sardinia, because sardis, according to my observations, as nobody knows a lot about baking. These islanders invented it more than 200 varieties, including wonderful figures of dough in the form of stars, hearts, flowers and fruits, birds, sheep and fish.

The further, the less I see the point in the purchase of bread - and experts admit that its quality for the most part deteriorates every year. Manufacturers choose the ingredients according to the “cheap and even cheaper” principle (defective flour instead of high-quality, margarine and palm oil instead of butter, egg powder instead of eggs, baking powder and improvers instead of thorough and unhurried preparation of dough according to all the rules) technology is very difficult. We, consumers, can vote only in demand: if you firmly boycott bad bread, it will be unprofitable to produce it.

Baking bread at home

In my opinion, it is much more useful, safer and more fun to gradually switch to a home-made hand. And it is not necessary to acquire a bread maker and complete complex cooking courses in order to try to bake, say, homemade banana bread for Sunday breakfast. At the same time, nutritionists advise to dismiss the harmful idea that bread is a product of everyday use. Nowadays, it is better to treat it as a delicacy. On weekdays, whole grain cereals - cereals, muesli, granola and side dishes for lunch and dinner should take place.

For those who decide to try to bake bread at home, the main stumbling block is flour. The quality of the shop, according to Oleg Sotnikov, a technologist-miller of the company "Belovodye", is steadily declining. In addition, the most useful - whole grain - is very capricious. “She has a short shelf life, in two weeks she is noticeably losing quality,” he says. “And the dough from it rises poorly, baking has an unattractive gray color.” For me, the color is not so terrible, the composition of the flour is much more important (read the material: "How to choose the right flour").

“The problem is also in the fact,” agrees Elena Baziyan, nutritiologist, “that drugs are added to the flour for disinfection, bleaching, against mold, fungi, etc., so that it is kept for a long time.” In her opinion, the only way out in this situation is to cook only from fresh flour.

Finally, the recipe for bread with tomatoes, which can be made, based on the grain bread from Elena Baziyan.

Cooking time - 15-20 minutes.

Recipe for Homemade Bread with Tomatoes

Ingredients for homemade bread:

A handful of fresh grains of wheat, milk thistle, flax, oats (or any other choice)

A handful of wheat germ, pumpkin flour, wheat, rye bran

Chopped pulp of one juicy tomato

A few spoons of mineral water with gas

A few tablespoons of porridge type "Seven cereals"

A little unrefined vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, mustard, sesame, etc.)

Spices to taste

Grind fresh grains of wheat, milk thistle, flax, oats in a coffee grinder. Add tomato pulp, wheat germ, pumpkin flour, wheat, rye bran, spices to taste (oregano, thyme, basil - for Italian bread; cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, cardamom, cloves - for spiced bread; mixture of vegetables, dill, garlic - for bread to soup). As a baking powder, add a little mineral water with gas and a few tablespoons of “Seven cereals” porridge - just not flakes, but in powder form. Plus a little crude vegetable oil, salt. Knead the dough until smooth and form a cake about 1.5 cm thick. Sprinkle with sesame and sunflower seeds on top. Bake at 200 degrees.

Do you have any recipes for bread?

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