Dancing yogalates

I have already talked about yogalates - a new mix of yoga and pilates. Let's now add to this complex dance moves.

An unusual combination and dance was offered by Jennifer Chris - ballerina, choreographer, master class instructor, artistic director and founder of the Modern Dance Theater in New York and The Balanced Body Center at the New Yorks World Gym, developer of 52 episodes of the television series dedicated to fitness. Jennifer studied with her three first students — Eva Gentry, Roman Kryzhanovskaya, and Ron Fetcher. Pilates classes in conjunction with an intensive study of anatomy and yoga (,, and) led to the creation of a new training system, called the Pilatas + Method (Pilates plus Method).

The basis of the technique developed by Jennifer Chris is a combination of yoga, Pilates, the simplest elements of classical dance, and some techniques of modern dance. Chris offers the following structure of the lesson: the first block - Pilates exercises on the ground (matwork) and yoga, the second - dance elements (standing), the third - strength exercises with dumbbells for arm muscles (Pilates), the fourth, final block - breathing exercises () , relaxation exercises and.

The author believes that the introduction of dance elements fosters elegance, grace and gives more emotion to the lessons. Try it and you!

Watch the video: Yoga For Dancers. Yoga With Adriene (February 2020).