Deoxyribonucleic acid is a complex polymer, which contains information about the body, its structure, physiology and biochemistry. All processes occurring in cells depend on DNA: division, growth, metabolism, and even self-destruction (apoptosis).

A DNA molecule consists of two chains, folded into a spiral. In a complex with a special protein, DNA forms chromosomes, and a single set of chromosomes constitutes the genome. The DNA fragment that is responsible for a particular trait is a gene. Genes determine not only the structure and work of the organism, but also the predisposition to diseases and psychological characteristics of a person. Already known genes, the presence of which is fraught with early heart attack, cancer, suicidal tendencies. There are genes responsible for sexual orientation, laziness and aggression, craving for changing places and updating wardrobe, sociability and depression.

While individual genetic analysis allows only to find individual genes, and not to decipher the entire DNA. In Israel, the United States, Great Britain and other countries where genetics are well developed, today it is possible to order an analysis of more than a thousand different diseases inherited. Moreover, in the USA there are three large commercial laboratories (23andMe, Navigenics and deCODEme) that practice genetic tests at home. In order to use the services of these companies, it is not even necessary to be located in the USA, it is enough to take a scraping from the oral mucosa, send it by mail and pay for the service via the Internet. Prices range from $ 195 (test for susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases) to $ 2.5 thousand (test for susceptibility to 24-28 common hereditary diseases).

In Moscow, genetic analysis is carried out at the Medical Genetics Research Center, the Mother and Child Center, two municipal genetic centers, and the Invitro Laboratory.

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