Gareev Nail

Moscow psychologist, student of Vadim Petrovsky. About two years ago, for the first time, Nail brought two flotation cells to Moscow and tried to create a new psychotherapeutic method on them - embryotherapy.

For an experienced and accomplished psychotherapist, Nail is too young: he is only 29 years old. However, over the years he managed to graduate from the University (RGGU, Vygotsky School), undergo special training from the psychotherapist Vadim Petrovsky, travel in search of himself to Mongolia, Brazil, Portugal and North America. Return to Moscow and bring flotation.

But Nail didn’t find his method at any distance, as it might seem, but much closer: in the outskirts of Kaunas, in Lithuania. It was there that Gareyev saw the float camera for the first time and spent two hours in it in complete silence and darkness. “I came out completely shocked, having experienced sensations similar to those that may be, after applying strong psychedelics. I tried once, then another, and I understood it on my own skin - this thing really helps to perceive, to hear oneself, as they say, in its pure form, ”recalls Nail. In fact, this is what he wanted to find, going for transpersonal adventures.

The effect of Naila was so impressed that he decided to bring float cameras to Russia. Despite the fact that in other camps, float cameras are used mostly for relaxation and, Gareev is convinced that flotation has a huge positive effect on the human psyche. He made a bid for it, building his author's technique -.

To say that the method is finally formed in theory and is sufficiently tested in practice, the author himself does not take it so far, although it is likely that in a year or two the same client line will be built for him to embryo consultation, which today besieges the office of his teacher Vadim Petrovsky. Moreover, this version of future events was voiced by Petrovsky himself when he came to the Manas club and saw the first Moscow float camera in action with his own eyes.

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