How to prepare for sex: exercises for men (PHOTOS)

Inflated torso and strong arms - undoubtedly, give a man sexuality. But do they add points in bed? No: to be a real hero in sex, you need to pay attention to other muscle groups. Today we will show several exercises that will help men prepare for sex for real.

During sex, the cardiovascular system is experiencing very decent stress. Therefore, in order not to get tired in bed too quickly, men first need to develop endurance. "To do this, in each workout, set aside 15 minutes for low-intensity cardio in the aerobic zone (120-130 beats / min)," says Denis Nikiforov, trainer of the gym of the fitness club “X-Fit Victory Park”. “Ideally, on a stationary bike, but you can also on a treadmill or ellipsoid.”

After such a cardio, do joint exercises, paying particular attention to the development of pelvic mobility. And then move on to exercises that will help you prepare for sex.

Pelvic elevations from prone position

Lie on your back near the bench so that you put bent knees on it. The angle at the knees should be equal to 90 degrees. Pull your arms along the body. Raise the buttocks from the floor to the maximum height. Return to the starting position. Perform upgrades to 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Coach comment. The movement is very similar to what we do, making love. It works well back muscles and buttocks. Replacing the bench with a fitball, you will also activate stabilizing muscles.

Leg lifts on an incline bench

Lie on a sloping bench, bend your arms in elbows, turn your head and grab the bench. Lift slightly bent legs up and move them to a position in which they will be perpendicular to the floor, and the loins will come off the bench. Return to the starting position. Make a 15 repetitions endless.

Lifts the legs on the simulator for the lower press

Place the forearms in the focus on the simulator for the lower press. Lift your legs off the floor, hanging on his hands. Move the legs to parallel with the floor. Pull down without touching the floor. As intensely without stopping, make the movement 15 times.

Return to the bench and make two more circles: 15 lifts of legs on the bench and 15 lifts on the simulator. In total, it turns out 3 circles on the press.

Coach comment. Performing exercises on the press, you are working on the rectus abdominis, internal and external oblique muscles, as well as the lumbar and iliac. They are in turn associated with the spermatic cord and testicles. By activating them, you directly activate blood circulation in the male genital organs, which has a positive effect on sex life.

Important! Only after you have warmed up, warmed up all the joints and worked with the muscles of the back and abdominals, you can start squats with a barbell.


“It’s contraindicated in squatting with a barbell,” says Denis Nikiforov. - If you have never done them, at first squat only in Smith's simulator. Here at any time you can put the barbell on the support and do not harm yourself. "

As for weight, it can be gradually increased from the approach to the approach. In the third approach, it should be difficult for you to perform two final squats. In order to master the correct technique, the first few squat trainers are advised to do with an empty neck. And only after that hang pancakes on it. Make a 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

When this option of squatting with a barbell becomes easy for you, you can try to do them without Smith's simulator.

Place the legs wider than the shoulders, feet align with the knees. Take the barbell and transfer it to your shoulders. Bend your back. Lower yourself into a squat until the hips are parallel to the floor. Make sure your knees do not go beyond the edge of the socks. Make a 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Coach comment. If you squat with a barbell in a mode in which the last two repetitions in the third approach are given with obvious difficulty, you are guaranteed a release of the male hormone testosterone, which affects the potency and motility of sperm. Also, squatting to the level of the hip parallel with the floor strains the buttocks as much as possible, which in everyday life are in a state of physical inactivity. Activation of this zone has a positive effect on the acceleration of blood circulation in the groin area, which has a positive effect on men's health.

Add this small complex to your workout in the gym three times a week. Only four exercises can significantly change your intimate life!

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