How to learn to run fast (set of exercises)

Learn quickly and run correctly can and without grueling workouts. On the eve of the Free Moscow race, I want to show a set of exercises for running, which helps to run better, but at the same time I announce the addition to the “LIVE!” Team.

I offer all jogging lovers a set of eight simple exercises for running. It takes about 15-20 minutes and gives amazing results. If you perform it regularly three times a week before jogging, very soon you will notice that you began to run faster. These running exercises strengthen the muscles involved in running, develop endurance, and improve technique. In each exercise, 2-3 approaches are performed. The number of repetitions, choose yourself depending on the level of your physical fitness.

1. Running with kneeling

Bouncing, raise your knees alternately high while moving forward. The back is straight, the abdominal muscles are tightened. The heels should not touch the floor, the exercise is performed on the toes.

For what: the ileo-lumbar and quadriceps muscles of the thigh strengthens, the running technique improves - the foot is correctly placed and the thigh is taken out.

2. Heels to the buttocks

Run in place, jumping high and trying to get the heels to the buttocks. The back is straight, the abdominal muscles are tucked up, the arms work differently, as during normal running. Knees - under the hip joint.

For what: muscles strengthen the back of the thigh, the foot learns to properly stand on the bearing surface.

3. Running jumps

Actively pushing with your feet, jump from foot to foot, while moving forward. Hands move oppositely.

For what: exercise strengthens the muscles of the legs, increases repulsion while running, helps to increase speed.

4. Jumping with a change in the position of the legs

Pose - as at the start, one leg pushed forward. In the jump, change the position of the legs. The heels do not touch the floor, the back is straight, the abdominal muscles are tightened. Hands work as when running.

For what: calf muscles, hips, buttocks are strengthened. Exercise improves the technique of information and dilution of the hips and leg changes while running. If you perform quickly, it helps to increase the speed of running.

5. Lifting half a finger (spring)

Starting position - standing, feet shoulder-width apart. On the exhale, rise to the half fingers, straining the calf muscles, while inhaling, return to the starting position.

For what: calf muscles strengthen, train the foot. Exercise helps to increase the speed of running and reduce the load on the joints.

Watch the video: Runners 10 Exercise Program (February 2020).