Life on my feet

The basic truth is that to maintain health you need to move more, known to all. But the sedentary lifestyle wins, and not everyone gets to move as much as you need, especially when you are over 50. Here are some tips on how to always remain active.

The Japanese are well-known long-livers, the average life expectancy in Japan is 80 years. So, to determine the activity of a person, they use a pedometer during the day (in most pedometers, the number of steps is automatically transferred to the distance segment). Retired men take about 2,800 steps a day, housewives make 4,500 ... According to Japanese scientists, the minimum load for ensuring optimal health is about 10,000 steps, which corresponds to one and a half hours (an average person takes about 100 steps per minute with not very serious efforts ). How to achieve such statistics? Actually very simple:

- climb the stairs, try not to use the elevator;

- at lunchtime, leave time for small walks at an easy pace;

- going shopping, leave the car in the far corner of the parking lot to be able to walk to the store and back;

- returning from work, take a short walk around your home. In addition to increasing the number of necessary steps, you will be able to relieve stress after work, create the necessary buffer between work and family, think over events for the day;

- in the subway, using the escalator, try to go part of the way on foot and during the descent, and during the ascent;

- if you get to work and home, using ground transportation, walk two or three stops;

- On weekends you have the opportunity to take a walk with your family, play with children.

Thus, you lay the foundation for more serious activities.

Learn to overcome physical and psychological stress. In addition to enhancing physical activity, you also need targeted wellness training. This is where the programs of the TV Club "LIVE!" Will come to your aid. You will begin to truly train your muscles, improve flexibility, coordination of movements. If after a few weeks you find that you still don’t succeed or that you are not physically well enough, change the program, choose the kinds of activities that you like and enjoy. Do not rush to complete the lesson, you can restrict yourself to only the first warm-up part, gradually increasing the time of classes and the number of them per week. You may need two or three months to easily and with pleasure cope with the goals. Three times a week with “LIVE!” Plus 60,000 steps will significantly improve your health.

And do not forget to encourage yourself. If you have coped with the task, make yourself some gift. You deserve it!

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